The profession develops target and analysis
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Do not think the soldier that becomes a general is not good soldier, even when not the general also wants think and can solve a problem from the general's angle, the becomes a general likely soldier with just can do better so.

The profession that becoming an outstanding manpower resource director is me develops a target. I think those who do is the administrative existing state of affairs with current and confused improvement, pay close attention to especially almost by the demand of the employee of downright treat with indifference, the everybody in allowing a company develops a strong point as far as possible, help them happy ground works and live, let an enterprise become the company of respect making a person. Sound very is those who resemble politician enunciative be? But such I present really wanting. Because come round to say with respect to eye, I also am by ignore a, and the life is in a flock of by the philtrum of ignore. Since do not have what Immanuel, the current situation that should change oneself and others so can try hard to begin from his only. A word says? If be opposite an organization is dissatisfactory, best method is to climb top, change it next.

A writer that calls Su Qing was written " what kind of capacity should manpower resource director have? " one article, press its sequence of thought, analyse:

One) sturdy and just, faithful letter, brave psychokinesis.

Faithful letter does not have justice problem. Because because oneself are lazy reach recreant be afraid of getting into trouble, always handle affairs by regulation, if there still is monarch now a kind east, should be being met is to belong to I faithful that kind of person. But this formed menace to sturdy and brave psychokinesis again, what so I worry most is I do not carry pressure on the head, come from the incorrect opinion of superstratum especially, can let me very it is very painful to struggle. This problem did not settle way, can count on only have a leeway, do not have next desire criterion steel, see can bad where goes.

2) the correct, comprehensive understanding to human nature and extensive knowledge.

This is nodded very defective, because see evil one side easily, disrelish human association again too too troublesome, the most essential still is the state of mind that did not open, interact with the person so not much, the knowledge that brings from this is one-sided \ deflection \ is dark. Extensive knowledge is loath, because interest likes the degree that reached to do not have interest more, so what has a bit, not deep nevertheless. This is bad. Want to contact a few people more later so, try to understand them.

3, affinity and craftsmanship of fine human relation processing.

Conservative and superabundant, vigor is insufficient. My friend says when to I am contacted at the beginning, look earnest, only ripe just can speak of one case later, this should be the expression with insufficient affinity. Needing a person nevertheless also is the others evaluation to me cordially. Improve? Refer to on one.
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