Career of profession of staff of company of Chinese some communication plans
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Departmental room, team and group, postal service hall:

To deepen “ further 3 systems ” is reformed, advance manpower resource to manage reform to promote a project, manage a system to provide good moving foundation platform for performance of respond with a poem of scientific position, firewood, the branch decides with new employee profession career program program is a foundation, optimize person duty to match, promote manpower capital value, in order to get used to the need that the market competes.

One, executive principle

(one) measure ability applicable: Analyse each post seriously hold a post requirement, as far as possible the scientific and reasonable capability that evaluates employee and value, let right stuff pursue suitable station.

(2) fair, open, just: Ensure contest hires program and standard to make public, method of choose means, evaluation ensures just; The result of competitive test is open.

(3) it is with the person this: The professional career that employee respects in the executive process of plan chooses and plan, pay attention to the mining that expands latent capacity to employee, produce the advantage of employee adequately, lash insufficient, respect the working enthusiasm of employee and enthusiasm.

(4) sound last stage fall into disuse: Affirmatory and sound last stage scale, enhance employee competition sense of urgency and pressure sense in order to achieve, arouse employee enthusiasm thereby, promote integral employee rank the goal of quality.

2, executive limits

This plan is aimed at branch faculty, namely A kind labour, C kind labour and the consultative labour that sign acting agreement with the branch.

3, executive requirement

(one) A kind labour, namely in long-term employee

1, position promotion way basically has: Contest hires mount guard, outstanding achievement to evaluate, comprehensive assessment.

Contest hires mount guard: The company that press city unites deploy and requirement, play competitive mount guard;

Outstanding achievement evaluates: Performance is evaluated end of the year outstanding or there is outstanding contribution inside course of study of one's own profession;

Evaluate integratedly: Leader of democratic evaluation, department and branch general manager are integrated to employee oneself the comprehensive assessment such as ability of spirit of efforts of manner of quality, work, group, innovation.

2, A kind labour is OK contest hires position of manager of branch director, branch, vise general manager, general manager, the requirement has the record of formal schooling that corresponding post asks, work 3 years in mobile company above.

3, if performance is evaluated end of the year,be unqualified person, executive position of level of the company that press city, divide a demote, the 2nd year unqualified person need hillock study, new mount guard still cannot accord with position demander, will remove labor contract concerns.
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