Good professional career plans to be obtain employment decompression
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In last few years, pressure of undergraduate obtain employment increases with each passing day. A lot of this year's graduateses are graduating suitable job still was not found after a few months, this among them, although have contradiction of obtain employment supply and demand, but quite one part reason is a lot of undergraduates do not know what he suit to work, how should face the job, when some students arrived to graduate, just discover oneself do not like what to learn major even.

Nowadays, wait for what career of profession of a few colleges plans to teach to begin as Beijing University, this kind of situation will get ameliorative gradually. Since this year, a few colleges such as Beijing University began to offer professional program course of the system for the new student, include professional evaluation, profession to seek advice, lecture of series of expert of guidance of camp of training of program of curriculum of program of undergraduate profession career, profession, obtain employment, profession coachs each service such as working lane. Carry out a proof, these jobs can help understanding of undergraduate as soon as possible and the profession that the program did not come to develop way.

In a lot of countries, professional program and vocational guidance are regarded as the main component of ” of policy of “ active labour market. Be in the United States, Sweden, professional program and vocational guidance had made an industry, get governmental legislation supports. Be in our country, grow as economic abidance, professional career plans already from the “ a few years ago unfamiliar topic ” , become “ familiar to the ear can detailed ” . The profession plans offer means to also make a profession from simple “ evaluation, unscramble professional report ” , the phase of professional career guidance that enters systematic science.

In last few years, division of global profession program (GCDF) the project runs committee as attestation of American advisory division (the promotion of NBCC) enters China, become domestic profession to develop the vane of the domain. Be born at the GCDF project of 1997, already carried out in the 20 many countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada. Current, home already had hundreds person to accept GCDF to groom. Beijing University plans to go up in professional career first make a move, with this school obtain employment the teacher of directive center has accepted GCDF to groom inseparable.

As the development of socioeconomy, labour market farther diversity reachs the ceaseless aggravate that duty field competes, people knows escalate to what the profession plans, its market demand also is in warm up gradually, the 915 ” of “ that professional career plans to already was included the relevant ministries and commissions such as human affairs ministry, labor department work. And communicate association by China International talent (forum of international of program of career of first China profession and peak of GCDF whole world meet the “2007 that CAIEP) initiates of ” hold, will guide development of trade of program of Chinese profession career to enter drive further.
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