The 5 big principles that life profession plans
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Recently, the white-collar that the obtain employment difficult problem that the undergraduate faces, high pay often appears on all sorts of media is overcome actuating pressure or the successful personage that are render outstanding service and be famous still are in for trouble sad. Not only such, say according to the report, have every year cannot take an examination of in great quantities on good school or it is the crowd that finds satisfactory job; Or even if pass an entrance examination good school and the job with was found good, but in the future still faces the problem in study, job.

Abundant and only beautiful life, job, appear a consist in film is romantic perhaps in the clue of love novel. Showing in fact however is not such, we everyday Dou Manglu is in what live and work is polar in. A lot of successful personages, the career is successful, be not at every turn however flexibly. Actually, they and we are same, should face likewise succeed and be inferior to meaning.

Be based on what reason to cause us to face so adverse dilemma, how to do ability to be able to solve this a series of problems. Here, we come to strive form the viewpoint of value that develops to life profession and rudder through drawing lessons from theory of Chinese gules revolution, make to problem reason explain and solve one by one in front mentioned problem.


To problem reason elaborate

Sincere elaborate like place of Marxism-Leninism materialist dialectics: Contradictory consist in in the development process of all things, and the development of each thing is put in the process wearing from only then from eventually contradictory motion. This announces like place of old design of the Eight Diagrams in that way, it is mutual of contrary, depend on sb or sth for existence and development change. Such OK thinking, life is constituted by success and failure, this also is meant mix without absolutely happiness successful. Often succeed tremendously the more it is difficult to accompanying corresponding blazing the more.

According to the materialist dialectics, no matter today is success or failure, it is to have its oneself is immanent of the reason with external environment. A day and night can not form a lot of things, resemble the good convention of a person, it is accumulated in the in elapsing little of years. These reasons are divided again for the oneself that can hold and changes underlying factor, and the external environment that cannot change by subjective apiration. So, today's current situation will depend on how the across of underlying factor affects day environment and oneself; And everything tomorrow results from again today's effort.


Redefine life profession plans

By above the analysis is known, contradict in person lifetime and difficulty is from only then accompanying eventually oneself, so professional career program should not be school work seeks advice merely, interview of to apply for a job seeks advice from behavior of such a kind of short-term. Moreover, if pure from short-term in light of treat a lot of issues, can be immersed in opportunistic with the thing in inextricability extreme.
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