Professional career of the salesperson plans
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The salesperson often has such tendency: Which enterprise base salary goes to where high, the job that which enterprise offers goes where high, the job of which enterprise goes where easily, the deduct a percentage from a sum of money of which enterprise goes to where high because …… finds new job frequent, they are final often attempt and accomplish nothing. Its prime cause is professional direction program of career of profession of unsharpness, lack.

We every salesperson is to lie among market economy society, market economy makes everybody becomes the dictate of capital of force of people on one's own side likely, why should we let outside ambient passively come the influence, professional career contrail that decides us? Market economy society is a society that is full of good luck, how can we just seize opportunity? Market economy society is a society that is full of competition, how can we just hold lead position? Market economy society is have occupational society very hard all one's life, how can you just let us have a profession all one's life?

If the salesperson hopes to be able to seize the opportunity of the times, obtain a profession all one's life, do the dictate of capital of force of people on one's own side, with respect to the professional career program that must make oneself: Analyse oneself current situation, establish a professional cause that has challenge sex to oneself, realize oneself potential, find inadequacy, make up for difference, realize oneself life dream.

Before doing professional career to plan, must want to understand a few basic ideas deeply: Career of profession, profession and professional career level, inside professional career and outside professional career.


The profession shows “ participates in a society to divide the work namely, use technical knowledge and mastery of a skill or technique, create corporeal fortune, spirit wealth, obtain just remuneration, satisfy the working ” of corporeal life, cultural life.

This included 5 kinds of concerns among them:

A. The human relations in society of individual and other, emphasizing a profession must be division of labor of a kind of society above all;

B. The relation of profession and intellectual skill, every kinds of profession must have corresponding knowledge and technical ability;

C. The relation of intellectual skill and fortune, had corresponding intellectual skill ability to create corresponding wealth only;

D. Create the concern of fortune and pay, must obtain just remuneration at the fortune of creation relatively;

E. Acquire the concern of pay and demand, pursue some professional the material that the person satisfies an individual through acquisition pay and mental demand. Accord with these 5 kinds of relations only, just saying to go up is a profession, be short of one cannot.
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