Chongqing investigation shows: Devoid profession plans to make difficulty of und
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Chongqing of Xinhua News Agency on June 4 special telegram (reporter Huang Hua) association of southwest university psychology was in recently the investigation of 7 college shows Chongqing, although the undergraduate feels obtain employment presses muscularity generally, appear before be being brought about a few years “ is taken an examination of grind ” of heat of hot ” and “ going abroad, but consciousness of undergraduate obtain employment did not increase accordingly, lack clear professional purpose especially, make the undergraduate lacks specific aim in the process that apply for a job, increased obtain employment difficulty.

This investigation that the name watchs ” for “ undergraduate obtain employment makes clear, obtain employment consciousness of the undergraduate is not strong, 61. The undergraduate of 7 % is big on “ the ” between semester, even the ” when “ university graduates just has clear professional intention; More unexpected is, only 13. The undergraduate of 95 % has clear program to his professional career; The undergraduate that has 25 % above takes “ make a move, calculate the manner of one pace ” , bring about most undergraduate to accumulate net in the bedding face in the process that apply for a job, be without specific aim, increased obtain employment difficulty.

Expert of association of southwest university psychology points out, not be the undergraduate does not want to undertake the profession plans, go up objectively however devoid condition undertakes. In investigation, the undergraduate of 90 % above hopes to know the news about obtain employment situation and unit of choose and employ persons before obtain employment very much. In the meantime, still quite proportional undergraduate puts forward to hope the school offers the course about professional program respect as early as possible, the hope gets science, professional obtain employment coachs. (be over)