Become good profession fixed position, the choice suits your job most
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Investigation shows, after graduate of a few this year's colleges enters duty field, produced faintness of serious duty field fixed position, what should do, what suits him, completely not clear still.

   A case: Find new job often to locate hard

Liu Qian is the man of the time in the university, extroversion of her of English major disposition, ability is outstanding, how old interest was not expended to find a trading company when graduation applies for a job, still should go up assistant of market department manager. At the beginning because fresh, strength is very full, begin meeting, connection client, make propagandist material, all of important matter bagatelle pulls shirt. But half an year is less than, liu Qian works to what be familiar with with each passing day gradually repugn, find new job to make customer service to company of representative of a medicines and chemical reagents then. In this company's depressing atmosphere, the Liu Qian with lively natural disposition feels very quickly depressive, together with tastes disinclination of industry a bit to medicine, seek a profession again then, went to an estate company to do conduct propaganda and interpreter. Who thinks of, after a few months, she finds new job again for reason not quite with company dimensions again.

Graduation is less than 5 years, find new job to be amounted to 45 times however, frequency is extremely tall, the rich industry experience that does not have some industry already, also do not have the position experience of some position. Apparently value picture very able, but position administrative levels is not actually high, how should the following profession develop?

   A kind of phenomenon: Charge at random highlight be short of break

Professional program and fixed position are one of evaluation standards when MBA of company invite applications for a job, especially finance, seek advice, the business that processes production trade, the profession program and fixed position count the most important level. But the person that there are professional program and fixed position in MBA student actually is little little, a newest investigation showed a few days ago, the MBA that 70 % of domestic control is entering period, the professional fixed position that did not come to oneself and professional development feel bemused, do not know to should pursue what profession after all in the future. Actually a lot of people read MBA is to change the current situation: Have a plenty of pair of current job dissatisfaction, some is the professional disinclination that learns to undergraduate course place, the hope is passed read a MBA, turn to controller post, turn to another industry even.

In recent years, after more and more person university undergraduate course graduate, did not work a few years to read MBA, MBA is young turn a tide very outstanding, what this had caused educational group and market of choose and employ persons is anxious. Reading MBA is not the strategic design after specific target, the one action that became drift along however is little, charge and not be the outlet that solves faintness of duty field fixed position, seek the seat that grants oneself only, of ability have a definite object in view charge.
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