Career of profession of Chinese TV compere plans
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2001, a so-called whole world the booklet —— of the first best seller " the cheese that who ate me " heat sells China. For a short while, “ cheese ” became white-collar talk to allude one of new terms with top rate. This book told about to answer change the allegory of the bureau, give a lot of people in order to inspire. No matter it is a job, health, human relation,the implied meaning of cheese is the most conceivable thing —— in “ your life, still be ” of love, money. Sociologist points out, the sell like hot cakes of this book announced China changes quickly live the “ of the professional career that the environment brings to people is collective anxious ” . Interesting is, in this book the Kennisi in preface·Key of Dr. Bulanchade cited compere of American NBC TV program checks put in order·Qiongsiyin makes for the story of ” of this “ cheese his career obtains a favourable turn, the experience of ceaseless success proves the tremendous effectiveness of this book for example. 

Beyond question, TV compere faces the nation of junior high school of 21 centuries the worry of professional career also arrived all-time condition. We find new job with what a large number of occurrence from the topic for discussion that involves below the meeting on the meeting of the seminar for many times in recent years the phenomenon can sense this one reality and the trend that grow in intensity clearly. Also be based on this one setting just about, sincere gentleman put forward authoritative personage Bai Qian inside course of study “ compere turns can make ” say.

The author is in the article the existing state of affairs with development of this one profession is diversiform and intricate compere of TV of China of put up with, the professional career that introduces foreign maturity is academic, comb the sequence of thought that gives a clarity in the light of individual development, with period the enlightenment that can have maneuverability to practitioner. Additional, also will meet to turning make, prospective career opportunity is evaluated wait for a problem to do an abecedarian to discuss.

One, professional career theory is cognitive

Career of alleged “ profession manages ” (CareerAdministration) it is a the developed country is arisen in recent years kind of labor power that gets attention quite resource management technique and task. This task basically combines working requirement according to the different characteristic of employee, offer the most appropriate profession and professional development channel for employee, ground of utmost of in an attempt to develops employee ability. It is offerred by the organization normally, and finance, information is like in industry of a few high administrative levels, act art, media appeared the professional career that ego offers manages —— to call career of “ individual profession program ” again, in the final analysis is interest jumping-off place is different. Individual profession career is a purpose with self-worth implementation and appreciation. The implementation of self-worth and appreciation not the organization with bureau specific be confined to is in-house, employee can achieve individual development goal through finding new job. 
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