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Guangzhou labor bureau: The worker is average salary amplitude 11.53%
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Bureau of safeguard of Guangzhou town work announces data to show yesterday: Average wage reachs the Guangzhou worker that joined price to sample 2007 37993 yuan, average amplitude is achieved 11.53% , exceeded this city far the CPI 2007 goes up 3.4% , also exceed the index of urban food price of 8.9% .
Ask: Wages rises exceed CPI, why doesn't citizen feeling arrive?

Answer: Wage is relatively steady, the feeling is not acuteness.

Han Zhirong expresses, wage is steadier, go up also won't wait for one-way food price like pork, egg wave motion is so acuteness. Actually, the growth of salary is opposite in digestive citizen of price index bear when ability, still had very big effect.

CTO most make money

Cash of use of rubbish Qing Dynasty is least

In all sampling type of work, firewood fulfil level is top is a CTO respectively 214270 yuan (all be year of income below) , market sale chief inspector is 206107 yuan, president 204158 yuan, manpower resource chief inspector 185572 yuan, general manager / factory director 160797 yuan, all be administrator of company high level.

Of lowest of firewood fulfil level is labour of carry of rubbish Qing Dynasty respectively 14912 yuan, electronic component makes work 14333 yuan, the member that send dish 12702 yuan, the member that protect clean 12007 yuan, tableware cleans a keeper 11684 yuan, all be an enterprise most the post of type of work with inferior requirement of basic level, technology.

Ask: Why low income person is wage growth the rapiddest?

Answer: Minimum wage rose 14% , low income person be benefited directly.

The minimum wage that the government carries out energetically reached the action that hold the balance since the standard. At present minimum wage standard has been carried from two years before, turn into now is carry one year. 2006 year, guangzhou city minimum wage standard raises 780 yuan from 684 yuan, rose fully 14% , greatly tall too average wage rises, the biggest person that be benefited is low income person, a direct report grew 13.04% with respect to the salary standard that is them.

Ask: Does directive price have why action?

Answer: Aeriform effect is more distinct.

Han Zhirong expresses, the enterprise awaits the result that can be based on market research to this to undertake consulting when hire, and laborer is in when applying for a job, also can give oneself an exacter fixed position at this point. "Break away from this one objective result, probable enterprise is not enrolled. This kind of action is aeriform. And look from executive circumstance of these a few years, no matter be line of wage growth guidance, still be market reference price, achieve the goal of governmental adjusting control basically. Achieve the goal of governmental adjusting control basically..

Origin: Guangzhou daily