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Jiangsu Yangzhou provides spouse and children but each other uses accumulation f
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17 days, yangzhou municipal government holds a press conference to announce directly-related members of one's family -parents but " each other is used " accumulation fund, this action becomes complete province pioneer.

Yangzhou town house is in charge of bureau director Yang Xuehua to introduce, to the citizen first housing borrows money or exchange the loan that buy a house, carry out next float the favourable interest rate of 15% , to changing those who buy housing to improve living condition, be in respect of interest rate of accurate, rise still presses a Fu Biao the favourable regulation that buys a ring house is carried out. This city sets, when the individual buys housing, can use the accumulation fund of directly-related members of one's family -parents, enjoy loan privilege, the way that this one human nature changes is Yangzhou original creation, appear first in complete province.

The reporter understands, buy a house to urge a citizen, since yesterday, this city still raised a worker to buy the subsidy level of the room. To housing area not the office old worker of up to mark (have a job before November 30, 1998) , when buying a house level of one-time money subsidy by 450 yuan of 2004 / square metre raises 800 yuan / square metre, standard of housing allowance floor area is changeless. And the housing to containing attic, housing area did not achieve 144 square metre under attic, agree duty according to 2% collect. And wanted attic only in the past the following building and the sum of attic floor area achieve 144 square metre, namely according to 4% impose agree tax, after new regulation is carried out, a larger area takes the housing of attic, engrave only duty can save 10 thousand yuan or so.

Provenance: Yangtse Evening Post