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The 28th bound is developed western countrywide talent intelligence communicates
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Invitation letter

Fulfil to carry out western big development strategy, promote western area talent, science and technology and industry are united in wedlock cheek by jowl and resource of high quality talent optimizes configuration inside countrywide limits, had done servive routine of obtain employment of graduate of 2009 old technical secondary schools seriously, the talent that is me to save development of economic society harmony to offer adamancy is propped up and intelligence assures. Hall of human affairs of the Gansu Province on November 2008 15-16 day is held in Chinese Lanzhou " the 28th development western countrywide talent intelligence communicates congress " this second congress base oneself upon western, face the whole nation, it is collect talent communication, project is revealed reach trade to make an on-the-spot investigation wait for an activity the national talent intelligence at an organic whole communicates grand meeting. For this, we are true-blue invite each to save branch of town occurrences in human life and unit of choose and employ persons to be joined at the appointed time meeting, show area and company image, release information of talent supply and demand. Announce letter of concerned matters concerned as follows now:
One, time: On November 15, 2008, 16 days (Saturday, day) 9: 00, 15: 00
2, place: The Gansu Province is new and high market of technical qualified personnel (Lanzhou city Dong Gang on the west road 695)
3, dimensions: Set beforehand exhibit 400, predict talent entering the arena 30 thousand more than person.
4, form: On the spot, net, quaternity of invite applications for a job of newspaper, short message, synchronous and interactive.
5, sponsor an unit: Hall of human affairs of the Gansu Province
6, undertake unit: The Gansu Province is new and high market of technical qualified personnel
7, enter meeting boy or girl friend:
1, of all kinds enterprise or business unit (contain appear on the market place of courtyard of company, scientific research and school of old technical secondary school) .
2, of all kinds and current on-the-job but the social talented person that has intention of going from place to place.
3, provincial and state-owned large and medium-sized the company changes the handsome appearance of technology of of all kinds project that makes billabong, senior skilled worker.
4, Gansu Province and the place of scientific research courtyard that periphery visits an area and mechanism institution change the technical key member that makes billabong to reach in high-level administrator.
5, Gansu Province and etc of 9 years of when periphery visits an area graduate of this year's old technical secondary school, graduate students are of all kinds and common talent.
8, service project:
1, in " Gansu Province daily " , " Lanzhou morning paper " , " Lanzhou evening paper " , " western business signs up for " , " daily of Gansu Province economy " , " talent weekly " , " Xin of science and technology signs up for " , release on the news media such as the TV station that visit town and broadcast broadcasting station.
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