Duty field is human relation 36 plan
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The 1st plan: How knowing “ to listen to person conversation ” is to accept others gay premise.

The 2nd plan: Be good at revealing him ” with true “ only, ability more attract others the attention to oneself.

The 3rd plan: The first time the key of success or failure of association is proper greet.

The 4th plan: Win others to must do others to look first to his accredit.

The 5th plan: With the person association attention does not want too close, maintain suitable space, those who conduce to friendship is abiding.

The 6th plan: The smile is the precious fortune of promotional and human relation.

The 7th plan: The full name that remembers opposite party conduces to farther association.

The 8th plan: ” of “ time keeping can show good moral character of the individual.

The 9th plan: Proper dress dresses up conduce to promotional and human relation.

The 10th plan: Good posture, can promote bilateral communication.

The 11st plan: Of appropriate praise make the person intersects more cheerful.

The 12nd plan: Intersect with the friend forgive and forget, want to give praise in time to the good performance of the other side.

The 13rd plan: To the friend complimentary should have degree, cannot beyond the mark, exceeding appears instead cringingly have lose good faith.

The 14th plan: The demand that faces a friend does not grant whatever is requested, and should act accordingly.

The 15th plan: A bit small misunderstanding is like between the friend, can use ” of “ a third party to serve as amortize, misunderstand in order to remove.

The 16th plan: The oral instruction that the society lends “ a third party ” amounts to his affection that admire, praised meaning.

The 17th plan: With the person truck must hold wide severe sense of property.

The 18th plan: The spirit of ” of nurturance “ put oneself in the place of another.

The 19th plan: Be apt to understands the psychology of other “ ” loving me.
The 20th plan: Be apt to uses “ inside square outside the philosophy of life of round ” .

The 21st plan: The society uses “ self-surrender”“ good-tempered ” admits another person, can promote mutual understanding more.

The 22nd plan: Acknowledge a mistake actively sometimes, won't reduce oneself capacity not only, increase oneself credit instead.

The 23rd plan: Be generous and open-minded just can not send a person to hurt oneself.

The 24th plan: “ understanding ” is not to force of others, the act that passes oneself however affects others.

The 25th plan: Orthoptic the other side, say earnestly and sincerely: “ Is am sorry. ”

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