30 principles that learn and get along between the colleague
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No matter 1. produces what thing, should think of oneself are err above all. If oneself are right (that is impossible) , so the angle that stands in the other side, experience the feeling of the other side.
2. Let oneself go acclimatization, because the environment won't come forever,get used to you. Although this is the process of a very special anguish.
3. A bit easier. Won't liberal go to school is a bit more liberal. If expert to be able to let you really very feel distressed, that is installed a bit easier.
4. A bit more low-key, a bit more low-key, again a bit more low-key (should compare casual even low-key, likelihood the casual that in people look you still were inferior to working a few years) .
5. The mouth wants sweet, do not want grudge usually your hip. (can complimentary person. Good complimentary, can let a person produce cheerful move, but do not overdo to make a person feel disgusted. )
6. If you feel period of time works recently successful, then you are about to add caution.
7. Polite. The eye of the other side should be looked at when greeting sb. With the appellation of elder and age old person is communicated, because you are generation of boy of one hundred percent.
8. Say less to be done more. Character is broken surely more, the person's much circumstance little speech.
9. What do not want an others is good, regard of course as, want to know to be thankful.
10. Hand high key point is low.
11. Punctual, but do not expect others is punctual also.
12. Believe a promise, but not easily promise. More do not write down others on the heart all the time to your acceptance and believe.
13. Do not lend money to the colleague, if borrowed, so must punctual still.
14. Do not borrow money to give a fellow worker, if must borrow, it is good to should send him so.
15. Do not want evade responsibility (even if the responsibility of others. Now and then assume you to you can die? ) .
16. Another colleague does not missay at the back of work in the same place in. Want to hold to rearward to say others a good word, do not fear this fine words is not passed in party ear. When if somebody is before you,speaking ill of someone, you should smile.
17. Avoid and work in the same place to oppose publicly (include to put forward crosscurrent publicly, cannot take intensely more) .
18. Often help others, but cannot let place of manage be feelinged by the person of the side ought to.
19. Tell the truth can let you pour big mildew.
20. Wrong to the thing person; Or merciless to the thing, want to have feeling to the person; Or be an upright person the first, work next.
21. Often checking his is conceited, proud, look down on others again. (although you have the just does not have others collaboration of exceeding lofty or great and help,also be no use)
22. It is the obligatory course of life restrainedly. (those who want enduring lifetime ah, some people arrive dead all one's life this homework also fails)
23. Reach a place newly, do not be eager to be being blended in go in which circle among them. When enough time, that circle that belongs to you can admit you automatically.
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