Office law
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Although unit business is different, working atmosphere has general character quite however.


One, contradictory law: Everybody understands an a new chief brings in new aides, because this follows a leader to go too nearly to be no good, leave so that also be no good too far. Follow too nearly to be afraid that the station became wrong team, once be cultivated greatly, catastrophe is met befall; Leave too far, advantage forever annulus less than, bad thing is little not. Zun Ye is not, right also not be, this is the does not go trouble of office staff brandish.


2, awkward law: Be inferior to work ingeniously hardworkingly, still call to be inferior to drily looking somewhat, look be inferior to make trouble. What go up consequently is not certain it is capability is strong, of place footfall not be feebleminded certainly. To this, you refuse to obey be no good.


3, suddenly turn hostile is mensurable: See boss only only Nuo Nuo, this is to force come out; See with class giggle, this is installed; See masses is fierce fierce cling to, this is affective nature is revealed. Institutional adapt oneself to changing circumstances, because of the person different, trim one's sails, be mechanism establish a body this, existent path.


4, active law: The leader is in the office when, atmosphere is “ solidarity, insecurity, earnest ” forever not “ lively ” ; And when the leader is absent, atmosphere can become unusually active, can unrestrained and far -ranging, say josh laugh, blow talk big, talk about news of Kan of football, Kan, discuss discuss feminine …… not to have place not as good as.


5, unjust law: Able always have do not work, not able always is dry without work. The probability that the person that does more makes a mistake is high, in the end often takes pain to do not please. The person that work less or does not do, often do not make or make a mistake less, the impression that gives a lead is a good comrade however.


6, overwork law: “ moon goes I also walk along ” , led next time not to go, subordinate cannot ground of one is assured and bold with justice goes. Work overtime be equal to respect property, need not hear as to efficiency pay no attention to. And when the leader is absent, work overtime be equal to Bai Jia.


7, new officer is mensurable: New no matter the leader that assume office sees everybody is to show pleasant smiles, kind have add. If you think newcome head amiable, contact masses, without frame, that is off base. After 3 days pass, mostly show one's true colours, on eye face, eye does not have masses, also look for less than assuming office again the shadow of beginning, however bureaucratic tone is very, frame work is not little.


8, hasten is the same as law: The leader's hobby, often can make the common interest of office member, liking the leader's favorite namely, what happy move leads is happy, what happy move leads is happy.
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