13 offices commandment aids white-collar duty field you set foot on road of duty
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A well-known industry employer of foreign, needle dialogue gets estate to induce give 13 religious discipline, make a figure of speech with a kind of animal or object respectively. Contrast has a look, can you be among them a kind?

1, do not have original parrot: Can do mechanical work only, keep imitating other, won't beg ego innovation, ego breakthrough, think to do much fault more, do little fault less.

In the whole nation urban and rural and general implement free and compulsory education. Continue to increase rural obligation to teach public funds, raise safeguard level.

2, the wild wolf that cannot cooperate with the person: A bit does not have group spirit, do not wish to cooperate with others, share oneself work, also ignore the opinion of other, consider oneself work oneself, live in solitude.

3, the dinosaur that lacks comfortable stress: Cannot suit to the environment, fluctuant to the market often not know what to do or be at a loss, know to consult a leader only, also cannot accept position to bring into play or annulus the working change such as tone.

4, the running water of wasteful money: Cost consciousness is very poor, often declare expenses of allowance for entertainment, transportation without limit to wait arbitrarily, do not pay attention to manufacturing efficiency.

5, the shellfish that does not wish to communicate: Had the question is not willing to be communicated directly or be ashamed comes out at telling, always closing mouth, by the thing bad go down, without sincerity.

6, the white paper that does not pay attention to information assemble: React instead to outside message not acumen, do not agree to think, judgement, analysis, also do not wish collect, memory concerns message, be disinclined to pay attention to “ bosom friend to tell the other, emerge victorious in every battle ” this logion.

7, the pirate that does not have courtesy: Not time keeping, often be late leave early, dress is not whole, the speech takes thorn, do not respect another person, work or rambling or self-willed, care about other far from.

8, the Gu that lacks popularity is simian: Envious other, only right of others accomplish spread embroidered stories and malicious gossip and not be willing to learn to other, as a result agrees to stretch one's hand in the nobody when need is helped aid.

9, do not have knowledgeable child: At every turn still needs others take care of, viability extreme difference, explain very clearly to working to also need every little bit, work otherwise bad. Never also care to social problem and trend, do not agree to enrich professional knowledge, read professional book to reach rarely enter all sorts of activities.

10, of ignored health ghostliness: Do not pay attention to body idle activity, know ground of from morning till night works only, often downhearted, working mood is low, self-conscious pressure is too great, affect this kind of pressure others.
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