Duty field must know 4 go greatly regular
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With in black and white, the public approbates go regular and different, go regular if be not placed,just go up the cole of the desktop, never can write it is on annunciate board, need you however ground of Ming Xinliang eye is joined silently fully, ability avoids the awkward stupid shit of in quick succession.

Go regular 1, not exacting the fairness of hundred

Show regulation to tell us to want to work below the principle of fair justice, go regulation says that he cannot make excessive demands however end of a bowl of water makes the same score boss, especially the boss has a privilege more.

When Sun Xiaoming just did plan ministry to be in charge of into the company, besides salary, had not enjoyed additional kind of pay. She is informed an accidental opportunity the mobile phone that administration is in charge of Zhao Ping is expended unexpectedly be reimbursed for what one spends, this makes her very ill-affected! Think then Zhao Ping sits in the company every day, never listen to her to contact the job with the mobile phone, by what can you sign up for communication cost? Be no good, she also wants to be striven for to the boss! The plane that then Sun Xiaoming rents a report the job offers application to the boss, the boss listened very open-eyed, is saying logistics personnel to do not have communication to expend? “ can be Zhao Ping has! Her charge be reimbursed for what one spends, allegedly not low still. ” boss listened to mutter to oneself: Is “ ? I understand besides. ”

This one understanding is two months, ordinarily boss does not reply to also calculate, and Sun Xiaoming every months of ability the telephone bill of more than 100 money, contend for will contend for go also doing not have what meaning. But unluckily she is made the same score with Zhao relatively energetically, see the boss does not have activity, she gets angry again detest, cannot help complaining with the colleague eventually, however by nature's mystery of family hit the mark with a single comment: Do you know “ is mobile phone cost of Zhao Ping how to return a responsibility? That is the phone of boss little secret, just lent Zhao Ping's name, lest becomes the proprietress of half home interrogate. With respect to you foolish, want to use this thing and boss to mention on any account actually, be court death? ”

Sun Xiaoming frightens an a suit cold sweat, secretly self-condemned do not know depth of on any account! No wonder boss saw he always frowns! From now on the issue that she also dare not raise a mobile phone to expend again, when seeing Zhao Ping not jealous also.

The clew outside field: Go after fairness to often won't have good result blindly, “ goes after the just emissary of truth ” to denounce a person easily also to disrelish, occasionally, what you know is presentative, can not make the evidence of appeal or argument certainly, to this you need not be indignant, wait for you to understand the carry of the company to make culture deep, be familiar with act style of the boss slowly, also can see be used to is not strange.
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