Build the human relation rule of Ci than Er
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A lot of people know he becomes Gates of the • that compare Er truly today only the reason with world rich head, because he mastered the big trend of the world,be, the wisdom that still he goes up in computer and clinging. Succeed so than Er • Gai Cizhi actually, except these reasons, the resource of person arteries and veins that still a the most important key compares Er • Gates namely is quite rich.

Gates of the • that compare Er founds Microsoft when, it is a nobody only, but in he is 20 years old when, sign in a large sheet. If compare sale into the word of fishing, it is to angle big whale, still angle small fish has been compared? Answering affirmation is big whale. Because angle big whale angles can eat one year only, but angle the word of small fish must angle every day. When the • that compare Er builds Ci to do poineering work before 25 years, he understood this. He angled at the beginning a big whale. Let us appreciate the human relation law of Gates of the • that compare Er.

The first, use the resource of person arteries and veins of own family member.

The sign in when he is 20 years old the first agreement, this agreement is to follow what ——IBM of company of the first powerful computer signs the whole world at that time. At that time, he still is a student that reads in the university, without resource of too much person arteries and veins. Can he angle how so big “ cetacean ” ? Very may much person does not know. Original, gai Cizhi of the • that compare Er so can sign in this agreement, in there is among, interpose person —— compares the mother of Er • Gates. The mother of Gates of the • that compare Er is the trustee of board of directors of IBM, mom introduction son knows president, is this very the thing of of course? If compare Er • Gates to do not have sign in IBM at the outset this is odd, believe he owns the individual property of hundreds of 100 million dollars impossibly absolutely today.

The 2nd, use resource of person arteries and veins.

The Allan of • of copartner —— Paul that everybody knows Gates of the • that compare Er is the most important reachs Stephen. They contribute their intelligence an wisdom for Microsoft not only, also devote resource of their person arteries and veins.

The 3rd, develop foreign friend, let them investigate foreign market, and development foreign market.

Gates of the • that compare Er has a first-rate Japanese friend to make a man of virtual and ability on the west, he explained the characteristic of market of a lot of Japan to compare Er • Gates, for Bill • Gates found project of personal computer of the first Japan, come to open up Japan with this the market.
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