"Duty field zoology " human law
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Duty field also can form ” of “ zoology environment, nevertheless, it is the zoology environment of a kind of human relation. You can amid be able to achieve success one way or another? Contrast the Principles below, see oneself how many person you can win to enrage an index?
Establish amicable relationship, basic courtesy cannot little.
The person enrages an index: ☆ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Human example: Be in same an office work, get along 8 hours at least everyday, can be familiar with each other of course between the colleague, can you disregard courtesy so? Of course cannot. Again good friend also cannot disregard those who reach the other side to experience, again close person also cannot say with love what says, more what is more,the rather that the relation that each other are a colleague.
Human modes of life and relation to their environment hints: You treat a fellow worker with the ceremony, the colleague also can wait for you in order to respect, such your ability and colleague establish abiding good relationship. How to establish amicable relationship with courtesy? Always do not forget please:
① often maintains the smile with positive obverse side.
② says “ asks ” , “ to thank ” , “ to I am sorry more ” .
③ carries decent dress and instrument.
④ uses heart listen respectfully, reach actively of from time to time to pass on.
Admonition of a person of academic or artistic distinction: “ is modest to boss, it is a kind of responsibility; Modest to colleague, it is a kind of courteous reception; Modest to affiliated to a ministry, be a kind exalted. ”—— rich Lan Kelin (American politician and philosopher)
One's duty job does not plead absolutely, help staff work actively.
The person enrages an index: ☆ of ☆ of ☆ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Human example: Develop your group spirit, support each other with the colleague. For example, seat of go by unmanned, noise of scratch phone bell rises, although you can be done, is to be other to leave a message only, also should receive hear a telephone call. Or, somebody receives urgent task to must be finished instantly, and you, can aid his a helping hand. Must not say: This does not close “ my thing. ” calculates the issue that does not involve you really, you also can say: “ this thing, what help do I give go up? ”
Human modes of life and relation to their environment hints: The job should rely on an organization normally, no matter person much, person is little, always want to cooperate with division of labour to just can be finished smoothly, the collaboration between the colleague is long-term, close together, comprehensive. Of course, cooperative foundation is the own job that each person knows him. But, not be every job agrees as completely as post setting, today is him, tomorrow also may be you. Accordingly, finishing is the job outside the portion it seems that, also be to helping oneself actually. Perhaps you will help with respect to need tomorrow. In those days, a wonderful sound also can ring by the side of your ear: “ this thing, what help do I give go up? ”
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