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Fundamental condition Full name: Xie Chengwei

Sexual distinction:

Female country: China


Birth date of the Han nationality: In November 1983


171 centimeters


55 kilograms of native place: Heilongjiang visits iron force town

Marital status:

Seat of maiden registered permanent residence: Heilongjiang - other

At present seat:

Jilin - loose plain Click examine original intent Intent of to apply for a job Type of to apply for a job: Full-time apply for position: Tourist guide / the journey is advisory Medical delegate Estate sale hopes position describes: The hope develops formerly in the pine, the job that I can be free from anxiety hard! Hope work area: Jilin - loose former Requirement firewood proposes a toast: 1500 yuan / month (But the face discusses) whether to ask housing: Other requirement: But take office date: At any time Educational setting Get education / groom experience: 2005:  wakes cure of adze of ⒂ of   catfish
Europe Lai elegant company is done invite about
2006: 1. Block header of sales promotion of husband fruit precious
2. nest coffee is large distribute an activity
3. guides domestic and international tourist to visit Harbin big tourist attraction and each ski field with circumjacent Harbin
In Harbin thirtieth 4 middle schools held the position of exercitation teacher in September 2006, assist a teacher to do good education work, held the position of exercitation classmaster. The show that the teacher says class hour to me is very satisfactory. Classmates also like to listen to the class that I tell very much. Have the honor to win title of ” of “ exercitation activist. Highest record of formal schooling: School of undergraduate course graduate: Date of graduate of Heilongjiang east college: What learned major in July 2007: Language literature kind English language literature the 2nd major: Language literature kind Japanese
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