Anhui Province yesterday held large-scale job fairs job fairs are often a "tec
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College graduates looking for work right now is the peak period. On November 14 in east China Anhui cum large career fair, so that the professional engineering colleges in Hefei Li a surprise, will graduate next year, he voted seven resume, the employer has committed six "trial." The six employer near consensus that skilled personnel are relatively tight. A new energy company in Hefei Li also handed the "olive branch", the company admitted hiring manager Mr. Zhao, the need to move the unit 15 skilled personnel, but a lot of skilled personnel to favor the Yangtze River Delta and other developed areas. Interview, many people in the industry, and Mr. Zhao said the same. Li favored, is not what's excels it? In this regard, Li said that his ability to moderate levels in the class, very ordinary. He believes that his magic to win a "professional." "I graduate next July, this time to recruitment, that is, market conditions to test the waters, get a clear idea industry wage do know the answer, of course, start looking for work so early, is hoping to 'strike first'." He said that although everyone wants to have taken the high salary, benefits, holidays and more jobs, but such work is rare. Therefore, Li hope, "I am interested in the company, considering the look, find a relatively good." In the recruitment field, Li is interviewed dozens of job seekers in a, and Li have the same idea, many college students, they have said in an interview, want to try the first of a job , pick a relatively satisfactory on the line. "Job seekers with college student-centered, job-seekers to reach tens of thousands the number of entrants." Job fair organizers, more than 600 enterprises and institutions to provide about 40,000 jobs to IT industry, manufacturing, construction real estate, business retail, hotels, restaurants based.