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Yesterday, country of the State Council endowment appoint promulgate " responsibility of loss of central company assets finds out temporary measure " , reach its to central enterprise with file form first solely invested or the capital loss liability that controls share company finds out the job to have a standard. Center look forward to produces losing of particularly major asset, its are relevant responsibility person besides place be punished with economy and outside disciplinary sanction, likely still by lifelong ban.

Ask for loss of capital of strict center look forward to duty make, method itemize the enterprise is being managed daily and recombine change make etc asset losing responsibility is caused to find out limits below a variety of case, from purchase, sale, fund management, investment, assure, asset is made over and reorganization change make, asset is safeguarded surely, inside accused the link such as exposure of construction, information to limit deregulation, 10 kinds when was not fulfilled or fulfill duty not correctly to cause capital loss to must investigate duty 50 kinds of case.

In condemnatory method respect, method sets, include economy to the punishment of person of capital loss responsibility punishment, disciplinary sanction and prohibit 3 kinds of kind such as limitation: Economic punishment is to point to deduct hair performance pay (bonus) , stop award new equity; Disciplinary sanction is to point to warning, record a demerit, demote (duty) , instruct abdication, dismiss, dismiss, discharge; Banning limitation is to point to in 1 to 5 years inside lifelong perhaps must not be recruited by the enterprise or hold the position of company controller.

Method points out, the enterprise produces loss of particularly major asset, and produce major asset losing continuously, divide place of pair of relevant responsibility person to be mixed with economic punishment outside disciplinary sanction, ought to give at the same time ban limitation. Emeritus to transferring working station to already perhaps left capital loss is relevant responsibility person, method also sets will give economy by responsibility weight punishment, disciplinary sanction and ban limitation.

In addition, method emphasizes, of center look forward to child the enterprise produces loss of major particularly major perhaps asset, except two pairs enterprise relevant responsibility person undertakes responsibility is maintained outside, it is important perhaps that chief also ought to assume corresponding be assigned personal responsibility for to lead responsibility related its superior enterprise leader responsibility.

Method will apply since October 1, 2008.

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