Speed of outflow of rising market capital is accelerated
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In the past 3 months, the capital outflow of rising market bond and stock fund amounts to 29.5 billion dollar, this was 1995 at least the highest amount since. Begin from last week, capital evacuate speed is accelerated.

World economy growth puts delay, and the state of system of bank of past a week, bring pressure to rising market, the worry that deepened investor begins to remove endowment. And heavy goods price goes soft, go up pressure, dollar goes strong, and problem of ground fringe politics, had made rising market is immersed in queasy.

Zhou Yi, investor is removed from stock and fund of fixed income bond endowment 1 billion dollar. According to the whole world burgeoning investment combines fund to study a company (EPFR Global) offerred data, this is since the record began 1995, a capital outflow is most day one of. Capital outflow is 1.6 billion dollar last week, make amount to 29.5 billion dollar from the outflow gross since June 4, this was 1995 since 3 months with the largest number.

Fiducial Magenshidanli capital international is burgeoning market index (MSCI Emerging Market Index) drops yesterday 1.27 % , to 857.44, for since March 2007 nadir; This makes go of a week drop amount to 4.8 % , in the past of 3 months drop amount to 22 % .

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