Invite applications for a job of Xinjiang civilian look forward to raises salary
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The person that first invite applications for a job that holds in Xinjiang talent market after the Spring Festival this year can attract 5000 to apply for a job. The reporter discovers when the spot is interviewed, prices rises reach the attune on Xinjiang minimum wage to be versed in to using agile civilian look forward to produces not little effect, many civilian look forward to promoted pay 20% to 30% .

That day, share invite applications for a job of many 200 unit entering the arena, among them great majority is civilian battalion enterprise, offer post in all 4000 many.

Of pay of civilian look forward to small rise should be the person that let to apply for a job that day is the happiest. The invite applications for a job that the reporter uses person unit in much home is exhibited on discovery, article secret, cashier, office staff, library is in charge of the person that wait for to apply for a job of a few females to contend for intense post pay to be in generally 1000 yuan of above, “ still can be enjoyed after becoming a full member 3 gold ” . Secondhand the room is sold and technical the worker's base salary also is in every months 1200 yuan of above, 20%—30% of tower above of annualer than going bottom.

A teacher monthly pay that teachs advisory orgnaization invite applications for a job opens 2500 yuan. Before “ such post monthly pay at most 2000 yuan, raising salary this year basically is to stem from considered at 2 o'clock, it is to provide more competitive treatment, invite applications for a job arrives outstanding talent; 2 it is the element that rises considering prices. ” is in charge of Director Zhang of invite applications for a job saying.

Department of Xinjiang talent market staff member Ren Junrong thinks, for the other company such as opposite state-owend enterprise, of civilian look forward to proposing a toast with labour and firewood is the most agile, of employee pay 20%—30% go up accord with market level basically.

At present of mechanic in short supply with pay rise to also let a lot of undergraduates value this industry. Wang Xinhai from Zhuhai institute of a trade graduated last year, he is being applied for fill directly in post went up mechanic. He thinks, although what this and oneself learn professional and incorrect mouth, but this industry lacks a person inside countrywide limits, what so oneself should consider above all is can master professional skill as soon as possible.

Xinjiang grand amounts to the invite applications for a job of production company of heavy industry machinery to exhibit a look that drew many undergraduates. The working station that this company provides amounts to 1300, it is worker worker of labour of solderer, general, lathe work, maintenance mostly, the demand of a lot of post is in about a hundred, base pay of every months is controlled for 1500 yuan. Controller of this company invite applications for a job expresses, open a so high salary, it is for choose outstanding talent, this company will be selected finally in 1300 people give 400 people to assume office.
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