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My circumstance: Unripe 1978, northward person of city of some provincial capital, male, was graduated from Beijing 2000 news report of some famous university electron is relevant and professional, of the same age was joined in July China for, the one battalion that supports a department through the technology jackarooes, make product line in market department after that, had left agency namely, had waited for headquarters again, still go abroad had assisted 3, 4 months, 2003 second half of the year leaves his post, work number 22%%% , show Beijing of stay at home idle.

Statement: Oneself are written all be experienced personally for oneself and China the report that is a colleague, but reveal true identity to avoid, specific time place falls to be changed somewhat in the premise that does not affect understanding, please not check the number is entered. As a result of oneself only hold post passes China support a system for the market and technology, all be to the depict of other branch China experience for other staff. The fulfil that discuss salary should introduce first China bed sectional structure, it is different that because of different branch its firewood proposes a toast:

1, market system. Divide first by district mix for home abroad, home is divided again visit city agency for Shenzhen headquarters and each, abroad also divide for ministry of area of domestic Shenzhen headquarters and each continent. By the job division of labor can be divided basically again for client system and product system.

Shenzhen headquarters: Include the headquarters office of home, abroad client and product system. Home includes business of each target operation (telegraphic, net is connected, mobile, UniCom) the headquarters of systematic ministry and each product (network of exchange, optical network, mobile, intelligence) the headquarters of domestic system ministry. Abroad include international sale (client) with product international (product) headquarters. Still responsible client is recieved (most the person of a few unidentified truths is misunderstood) client engineering department. The headquarters of individual of course small department is not in Shenzhen and be in Beijing.

Domestic agency: Be located in each municipality directly under the Central Government and provincial capital city basically, dalian, Qingdao also have small agency. The working target of each agency is a sale, cent client line (be in charge of each operation business) with product line (be in charge of each product) . Each string staff calculates headquarters of departmental door Shenzhen expedite personnel, accept agency director to manage continuously again. Agency director is responsible to be in agency area under one's jurisdiction, the right is very old, be equivalent to Feng Jiang old official.

Abroad area ministry: Include North Africa of Asia-Pacific, middle east, alone Africa of couplet body, south, Latin America, North America, Europe, east Pacific Ocean (should cry by geography on the west Pacific Ocean, because administer is the Asia-Pacific such as area of Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong develops area, but when giving a name at that time, do not know how to be done turned over, all the time over shoes over boots) . Each abroad division department set agency in each countries again, also distribute client line and product line.
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