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Pay all along is a sensitive issue that does not confuse. Front of some well-known business day gave Wuhan city to involve 44 position the large sheet of invite applications for a job of nearly 100 post, involve more than 40 position such as production, sale, human affairs, finance affairs. The ” of price of requite of firewood of “ bottom line that the reporter took this enterprise to give sleave of manpower resource classics to go out from ” of “ in-house channel. Concerned expert says, level of this firewood fulfil is right to apply for a job person have fair referenced value.

The ” of menu of “ firewood fulfil that masters for in-house personage according to this, situation of concerned position monthly pay is as follows: Sale chief inspector 10 thousand yuan of above; Financial chief inspector 10 thousand yuan of above; Manager assistant 1000-2000 yuan; Financial manager 3000-5000 yuan; 2000-5000 software engineer yuan; 2000-5000 of engineer of hardware research and development yuan; 1200-3000 of business affairs assistant yuan; Product manager 2000-4500 yuan; Sale engineer 1500-5000 yuan; Manufacturing minister 3500-8000 yuan; Human affairs is in charge of 2000-4000 yuan; The structure designs engineer 2000-5000 yuan, etc.

This menu involves many degree such as average employee, assistant, director, manager, chief inspector. The duty field personage of different position, can contrast “ firewood affection ” , see oneself present pay or anticipate whether pay is reasonable.

Concerned personage reminds, this enterprise is the well-known company of domain of domestic car informatization, firewood proposes a toast the standard has fair referenced value. Nevertheless, the firewood fulfil policy of this enterprise formulate is overall it is ” of “ rich competition ability, for can absorbing ability, open the real pay that give may as far as possible “ upgrade relies on ” .