Is month of mobile and average employee entered ten thousand and eight?
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Chinese shift and Chinese UniCom in succession so called favourable measure, the UniCom in mixing moved to suffer in seeming how old grievance is same, squeeze a money to pass on broad consumer from slit between the teeth. But know one therein the friend of mobile company, can see from inside his mouth the level of employee life income of the shift in before achieves Communist creed already.


The university graduates in mobile head office works 4 years, inside the work out, salary did not say, every months with respect to 7000-8000 yuan, this cheats fool, additionally every months allowance turns over times, do not calculate tax.


Mobile phone charge is used indefinitely before, it is OK to should not exceed 1000 yuan only now, city word never is made in the home. Taxi cost submits an expense account do not be restricted, the family member had not taken the subway and bus in recent years.


If buy a car, have the allowance that buy a car, oil expends allowance, insurance premium signs up for completely, the village stops fare to sign up for completely. A lot of employee search everywhere taxi ticket and cheer a ticket, go submitting an expense account, every months can 2000 yuan many.


Pass a try every means to send allowance too, often reason of it doesn't matter, send a 1000-2000 yuan. 38 allowance have even male stuff, say to have the support of male employee and help, female employee ability works better. Fast to mid-autumn National Day, can small take tens of thousands of yuan.


Buy a house the soliddest sufferred from, send the allowance that buy a house by length of service, least also have 10 much, basically the individual need not be spent head pay. After buying a house, insurance premium, property cost, warm oneself cost, stop fare, decorate cost to submit an expense account entirely.


Have a job a few years to come, go to bazaar supermarket never spending money, it is the card of hair and certificate, month in and month out has, usually daily life is not spent at all, a lot of employee return money again with respect to preemptive thing, take ready money. Shift passes a section not to send a thing too in, of packets of big packet bad to take, unpleasant, they hairpin and a certificate, convenient. It is better to be away on official business, usually local shift company can buy sheet entirely, if want hotel, must be 5 stars class. No matter,be away on official business far and near, go Shanxi should make an aircraft. My friend was away on official business last year bit more, took two pieces of free airline ticket, be away on official business everyday allowance hundreds yuan, a little remote and hard place is close 1000 yuan.


Have a meal as to every months, the value of each gift of relevant company that accept does not have law statistic. Somebody can ask, the job is very tired, you are wrong, everyday on schedul commutes, overwork frequency is very few, overtime is very tall however, nevertheless everybody does not look to go up this a little bit overtime. The Spring Festival is on duty cost company leaves gave 1000 yuan, nobody is willing to be on duty.
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