To apply for a job is referenced: The real pay circumstance of Shanghai
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Press school cent

Generally speaking undergraduate course is this year's now be born in Shanghai salary to should be before 2000-2500(duty similarly hereinafter) .

If you are answer dawn,perhaps hand in old finish school, should add on this foundation so 1000. If you are of the graduation outside perhaps going up with aid, should add on this foundation so 500. If you are industry of Hua Dong grain, china division is old, money graduates greatly, so basically count with respect to this. Above basically cannot not find the job 3 kinds, unless yourself demand is too high.

   If you are Shanghai university or Dong Hua university graduates, should reduce 200-300 on this foundation so. And have individual person the likelihood is less than the job to search and pained.


If you are Shanghai,go up division graduates greatly, should decrease on this foundation so 500, and the job is bad to search. I am not clear about other Shanghai school, do not express an opinion, should state particularly of course, the number of above does not eliminate an instance, for instance of answer dawn also have take of 2000, shanghai manage is versed in also have take of 4000, what I say is general situation.


Nonlocal school graduates, unless be Beijing University, tsinghua, in the family is big, nanjing university, zhejiang university be in Shanghai particularly famous beyond, other and all of 211 basically income and obtain employment circumstance and Shanghai university a class, 211 beyond be versed in with Shanghai manage at most about the same, likelihood circumstance even worse.


After the undergraduate students graduates 3 years, most the) before at least wants gain 4000(tax, if you are in,this several above also are fastened complacent, that can show you only in normal level with, conversely, if you are in after 3 years 4000 the following, should think so fell.


After undergraduate course graduates 5 years, at least wants gain 6000.


If divide by the company:


Best is Euramerican enterprise undoubtedly (actually everybody also knows, my summary falls and with) , salary is high, administrative human nature is changed. But actuating pressure is very great also, hope everybody is intentional li of preparation.


It is Japanese enterprise next, material benefits may be better than Euramerican enterprise, actuating pressure is a lot of less however, also be right choice.


It is Korea next / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore enterprise, what stage look forward to is scolded is most, everybody should know a place, but here I want to tell everybody, korean, hong Kong person, the degree of the Singaporean that arrest the door is not absolutely under the Taiwanese, at least is a class. For the person that this kind of enterprise has experience of 3 years of above to the job, should considering range.
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