Future of duty field agent needs 800 thousand
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“ I worked 10 years to now later from graduation, keep finding new job among, always seek the professional way that is less than oneself, need somebody will help me plan. ” is on the seminar that duty guest net held recently, a few to apply for a job person common response, the duty field broker that needs individuation will help program profession career, find the job that suits oneself. Blueness of circumference of general manager of duty guest network tells a reporter, future of duty field agent can resemble adviser of conduct financial transactions become new occupation euqally, by need of person of every duty field.

After from last year duty guest net rolls out the mode of duty field agent of ” of to apply for a job of type of “ offer a reward, 10 colleges that are in Beijing made investigation of nearly 2000 questionnaire. In the effective questionnaire that call in, the general that has 75% is this year's unripe (include three-year institution of higher learning, undergraduate course, Master and doctoral graduate student) approbate ” of mode of to apply for a job of “ offer a reward; In MBA student, this scale is to be as high as 81% more. In social to apply for a job person in, the person that have the to apply for a job of 64.6% thinks to be able to adopt means of ” of “ offer a reward to have to apply for a job. In the reason that approbates to apply for a job of offer a reward in students, little ” of human relations in society and ” of “ save trouble occupy him “ the first, 2. Social to apply for a job person because little ” of human relations in society and “ hope get him “ ,the reason that approbates to apply for a job of offer a reward basically is bouncing sex develops ” .

According to introducing, the interest that ” of agent of “ duty field is the person that point to duty of in an attempt to is a center, duty of in an attempt to person obtain employment demand is oriented, the person that it is to apply for a job provides the advisory service related a series of obtain employment, the person of obtain employment of success of the person that help to apply for a job finally.

Basis of duty field agent to apply for a job person actual condition, the service that provides for its includes: The quantity has something made to order personally obtain employment plan, offer career of information of duty field prices, modification resume, directive interview, profession program, guidance signs labor contract, offer firewood to propose a toast pay suggests, recommend target company to wait.

  The development foreground of duty field agent

Duty field agent is burgeoning, fashionable, the profession of rich challenge sex, between the interpose duty interpose at hunt head of high end and low end, can say for ” of head of “ masses hunt. The ability that its income inspects an individual completely tries hard with what be willing to pay and decide, well-done word, income is very objective, belong to high pay profession.
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