With public money, to buy boarding house, to female buy BMW
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The citizen is like some in Dalian some company holds the position of manager and inspect work place when, worth of illegal embezzlement company many yuan 1100, buy boarding house to oneself and son, buy a car to daughter and son-in-law. To recover a loss, dalian some company tells Xiao Mou and its daughter, husband the court, the requirement returns the property that still buys car embezzlement 1.4 million yuan reach accrual. Court decision of first instance of court of people of Xi Gang division supported Dalian a few days ago the litigant request of some company.

Some company says Dalian, xiao Mou ever held the post of their company director, the advantage of officially is exploited during hold a post, embezzlement the belongings of a huge sum of the company. Outside be like some to carry criminal responsibility except the agree accordingly, still should assume return civil still liability. They point out Xiao Mou arrived in July 2001 between December, exploit functionary advantage, detinue company worth many yuan 1100, bought Sangdana with the name of its son-in-law on September 17, 2001 with public money 2000 model car, value 169 thousand yuan; Bought BMW car with the name of its daughter on November 6, 2001 again, value 850 thousand yuan, other expenditure of formalities of conduction car native place many yuan 10.

According to investigation of front courtyard careful and the evidence that gather a letter, court of hillock division people affirms the fact is as follows on the west: 2001, xiao Mou in Dalian some company holds the position of manager and inspect work place, via Dalian city criminal of intermediate people court rules the book is maintained, dalian of Xiao Mou embezzlement some company capital many yuan 1100. The fund that uses embezzlement is like some to gave his daughter and son-in-law to buy a car respectively, still cost many yuan 200 to buy two boarding house to oneself and son in September 2001, ruling book pursue and wipe out has returned criminal of court of district of Zhongshan of two apartment classics to still give Dalian some company.

Forensic cognizance thinks, dalian of Xiao Mou embezzlement the capital of some company should grant to return still. Xiao Mou makes because of criminality some company suffers Dalian corporeal loss, although pass certain pursue and wipe out, but the loss that can not offset a company, because of this Dalian some company has right not the part of pursue and wipe out asks to return still, this company asks to return now still belongings reachs accrual 1.4 million yuan, did not answer more than apparently the gross of pursue and wipe out, the request adds up to behoove to grant to support. Reason first instance adjudicates Xiao Mou is returned return Dalian some company RMB reachs accrual 1.4 million yuan