Take 12 allegorical stories that duty field sees surely
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A crow takes 1. on the tree, all the day faineant. A small bunny sees a crow, ask: “ I can sit over all the day like you, what thing also does not do what? ” crow answers: “ of course, why not? ” then, bunny sits below the tree, begin to rest. Abrupt, a fox appeared. The fox jumps to bunny …… and give it ate.
The implied meaning of this story is …… wants to sit over whats do not work, you must sit (do) very special tall.


A turkey and an ox are in 2. chat. I think of “ very much that tree top goes up, ” turkey sighs to, “ but I do not have that effort. ”“ such ah, why don't you eat the excrement and urine that nods me then? ” ox answers, the face was full of nutrition over there “ . ” turkey ate posse cow dung, discover it makes it has effort to arrive at the first crotch of the tree really. The following day, after eating more cow dung, turkey arrived at the 2nd crotch of the tree. Final, after fortnight, turkey stands haughtily in the top of the tree. But unfortunate is, before long, it was stared at to go up by a farmer, and farmer is very agile the ground shot turkey.

The implied meaning of this story is …… cow dung (dog excrement carries) may make you reach peak, but it cannot make you stay over forever.


A birdie is flying to 3. in the road of southern hibernate. Weather is too cold, birdie was frozen stiff, fall down from the sky, drop in a big farm. When it lies in cropland, a cow walked over, and pulled one bubble excrement to be on its body. Numb birdie lies in bovine excrement caboodle, disentomb cow dung is too warm really. Cow dung lets it slowly delay is too strong came! It lies over, warm happy, begin to sang a song gladly to come before long. A transient cat heard the singing of birdie, walk over to check after all. Down sound, the cat discovered the birdie that hides in cow dung, very nimble ground its dig come out, give it ate!

The implied meaning of this story is ……

1) not be every enemy that in the shit on your body is you.

2) not be every one or two the friend that what you pull from inside excrement caboodle is you.

3) and, be immersed in deep excrement when you among caboodle (body defect predicament) when, close your beak!


4, before performance Great Master has a performance Great Master to enter the court, his child tells him bootlace loosened. The Great Master nods express one's thanks to, crouch careful department.

When after child face about, crouch to solve bootlace the pine again. A spectator saw all these, indissoluble the ground asks: “ Great Master, why should you solve bootlace the pine again? ” Great Master replies: “ because the brigade that of my personate is an overworked person, trudge makes his shoe thing loose, the overworked that can behave him through this detail is gaunt. Why don't you tell ”“ your follower directly then? He discovers ”“ can attentively my bootlace loosened, and ardently tells me, I must protect him this kind of enthusiastic enthusiasm, encourage in time to him, as to why to want bootlace unlock, can more opportunities teach him the performance in the future, can say again the next time. A time can do ” person only a thing, understand pay a focal point, just be right talented person.
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