Little girl make bold enters the world, earn 200 thousand madly 3 years!
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An average woman worker, the hardships that passed 18 years does poineering work and become millions upon millions female rich and powerful person, and the 600 million capital fund that its gain, which are there 100 million either had been soaked by tear? Her do poineering work history, want to be stridden to ready to do sth probably do poineering work the person that this one pace worries about water of choke of go into business again, do not have not be a deep and beneficial enlightenment?

Resolutely abdication is the scope of operation that seeks his only

The dream is greater, oneself sky just can be jumped over big! To have a scope of operation that oneself can control, qiu Lirong is after reforming and opening, demit duty, moved toward poineering road early. Have the Qiu Lirong of asset of 600 million yuan of above, it is Sichuan now president of province Dunhuang group holds a president concurrently, sichuan saves business association vice-chairman. On the conference that saves female entrepreneur association to hold in Sichuan, she tells the “ that removes her to send family history ” , tear stops not the dwelling place flows downward, a few when bring so that make a speech subsequently as a result female entrepreneur also cry ceaseless. She did not take word of Qiu Lirong laugh that good head, can attend a meeting experience introduction into complaint, it is the difficulty that encounters because of this lifetime “ really too much ” . What she says she leans is the 18 year —— that belief and luck spent him to do poineering work the clothing that I manufacture spreads all over whole Chengdu market inside a year. 1986, I become a worker in the factory of a shirt of Chengdu, design, cut out and sew all all-round. But our factory is produced only men's shirt, my ability can be only on fellow worker body put to good use. Await me to if can a heaven and earth lets myself control,think in those days, this are much then better! After reforming and opening, my demit duty.

Hardships poineering work steadily

It is difficult to do poineering work, it is more difficult that the wife does poineering work. Qiu Lirong is the belief with a persistence, an emulative energy, ability work steadily, initiate out already of heaven and earth! It is difficult that abdication does poineering work easily, do poineering work to need capital and market not only, can manage even, and the condition also is not had like me. My this individual does not like to shrink back, taking from 100 thousand yuan of collect is neat money over there kin friend, open the dress plant that had oneself. Can not afford sewing machine, I let be versed in people is taken oneself; Do not have money to ask a person, factory director, technician, clerk, buyer ensures public security even, one shoulder carries my all. Can be a woman after all, arrive I frighten keep watch at night so that be no good in the evening, be forced to be being taken two years old the daughter of half goes boost one's courage.
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