The surname is yellow do not want those who belong to chicken not to servantchoo
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Dispatch “ surnamed northeast net on March 11 yellow cannot want, belong to chicken also be no good. ” has reader report of late, unit of a few choose and employ persons is in process of invite applications for a job, believe statement of a few superstition, to to apply for a job person surname, belong to raised slashing requirement.

According to the reader Mr Huang is mirrorred, before before long, harbin city builds staff of company invite applications for a job. This company director expresses clearly, the yellow surname, white person that surname to apply for a job is not invite applications for a job, because of to company development character, yellow, white these two words listen go up ominous. Another company director expresses, oneself belong to monkey, folk has a view, gallinaceous monkey is less than a head. If invite this kind to belong to the employee of the photograph, estimation cooperates for a long time very hard with oneself, so this kind of to apply for a job person also not be the consideration. The hard thick line such as “ major, age, ability accords with a requirement, however by ” of close the door on, to apply for a job person very depressed to this.

The expert that pursues manpower resource job according to Harbin city says, actually these idea are without scientific reason, if the enterprise raises these requirements when employee of invite applications for a job, the meeting will be very much outstanding talent close the door on, go against the development of the enterprise. And, this kind of practice to to apply for a job person inequitable also, attribute a kind of discrimination action that covert.