Have a meal Da mouth is fried unexpectedly squid
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Proposal: Do not ignore trifling matters of everyday life

We from begin to work to retire, about the same time of 30 years should be spent on on-the-job field, duty field is another kind of our life. Be in this everyday toward 9 evening the duty field of 5 lives in, our hard to avoid can come up against the thing of all sorts of irritated hearts, these things may perplex us, let us feel “ does not think grown ” even sometimes.

Fundamental condition

Working ability is very remarkable

Benefit gentleman of 30 years old sent email to tell his duty field to encounter to us last week this year. Because problem of individual trifling matters of everyday life affected the development of professional career, because this produced disease of dread of duty field psychology, according to his view: “ I am a person that does well in all on the job, but the destiny that still had not escaped to get the air. ”

Is this how to return a responsibility after all?

Original, benefit gentleman is to be in advisory company of a foreign capital to become advisory adviser. The major that although seek advice from adviser and his,university institute learns not quite speak or sing alternately, dan Congming, academic benefit him gentleman is studied from the beginning, used 3 months time only, became a new employee that makes one's direct superior very satisfactory. As serve time elapse, he is working ability of business, intercourse, communicate with the person wait for a respect to be done quite outstandingly, because his acceptance is strong, modest also excelsior to business, during the company works 5 years, it is the backbone of outstanding professional work in the company year after year almost.

It is Caiqueyin was a such people to ignored trifling matters of everyday life and be fried by the boss squid.

Unsuccessful experience

Incommode of duty field detail

What differ with the reputation that because working ability is remarkable,earns in the company is, benefit gentleman has a few the individual's habits and customs, increased not little trouble to oneself. When he is having a meal, like Da mouth. It is the narration of benefit gentleman below:

Our employee unites have dinner in dining room in those days, with my be apart 10 meters, can hear me to be when have dinner the sound of Da mouth. All female colleagues of our unit basically are not willing to sit together to have a meal with me. At first, although everybody has an opinion to be able to have said face to face without the person to this, always can avoid avoid as far as possible.

Of the firm of a banking that I am in charge of appear on the market early days consults the job, because value this bill very much, the boss takes seriously very much, let me invite a client to have a meal together, of course the boss also is attended personally. How to say this client also is one has the capacity, in the process that awaits a guest, the boss reminds me to say again: “ today, you are not him delegate, represent a company however, the ways one gets along with others must notice detail, do not want occurrence mistake. ”
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