The compulsory heroine in duty field badger game
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If one day you discover suddenly, beautiful you become the compulsory leading lady in ” of badger game of “ of boss job field, do not know you to you can have why impressions? “ red sleeve is added sweet. If do not have red sleeve, read to He Ren? ” the ancients still can comprehend the effect of beauty, modern is a go even farther than for certain. Then, the belle that a batch of appearance that approve ability have both is pushed by the boss below the spotlight of the dinner party. However, the boss is intentional, beauty innocently, “ intercourse member the affliction of ” day always is boundless, still be a ” of “ obligation part-time job what is more,the rather that more.


In the life, belle invincible, but in the heart in them, it is “ changes in temperature knows ” oneself however. Beauty brings it is successful not only it seems that, still have endless worry ……


Strong and pervasive fragrance 29 years old of medium work

The director strongs and pervasive fragrance be gone attending national meeting by ” of dot of manager “ admire. The “ that knew enthusiastic ” of an exceeding “ on table as a result protects beautiful emissary ” , tianjin person. Tianjin person is right strong and pervasive fragrance the interest that showed twenty thousand and ten minutes, there is an opportunity to be surrounded in strong and pervasive fragrance in 4 days when attend a meeting beside saunter, talk of everything, ground of “ fair-spoken ” amuses strong and pervasive fragrance laugh so that spend branch chaos to quiver.

The general looks no less than going to, feel him “ person ” by a such “ the “ bee ” of arduous and excessive ” tangles to be in indeed all the day very irritated. The manager is right Tianjin person have no alternative, begin “ of ground of make oblique references to warn ” to strong and pervasive fragrance “ notices the dot affects ” . Strong and pervasive fragrance hold out grievance: “ is he himself often follows me, I can how ah? ”

After the conference ends, manager and strong and pervasive fragrance skinful gas returns Shenzhen. Manager and strong and pervasive fragrance husband happens to know, do not know how to strong and pervasive fragrance husband knew this thing.

Result one day, tianjin person makes strong and pervasive fragrance according to the phone on calling card in the home, happen to husband picks up the telephone. the husband that nowhere abreacts listens to anxious at a draught gave ” of “ Tianjin flavour, after the argument seeking a person that hears Tianjin person to arrange pool at random in ground of “ patient ” , husband straight on the head is “ curse ” : I tell “ your boy, strong and pervasive fragrance had been marrier, you call less toward our home later! I tell you again, you cover a game then I had been used early before 10 years, you save a province ……”
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