Displease a few kinds of countermeasure after boss
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No matter is whose blame, no matter,“ displeases ” boss from which a favour is not for angle, want you to did not want to transfer or resign only, cannot at a stand, the following kinds of countermeasure can stay for you have whirly room.

The first do not send the hope understanding at others.

No matter why be planted,reason “ displeases ” boss, we often can want to recount difficulties that one is reluctant to mention to the colleague.

If error depends on boss, the colleague is bad to this to make known one's position, also do not wish to intervene the conflict of you and boss, can you comfort you how again? If yourself is caused, they also cannot bear what the heart says you again is not, spill salt toward your cut, more wicked person is met the feedback after embellish a story answers boss there, deepen the rift between you and boss.

So best method is him the crucial point of sober and geographical clear problem, find out appropriate settlement means, make the relation of oneself and boss has a good beginning afresh.

The 2nd look for an equal opportunity to communicate.

Removing the barrier between you and boss is very be necessary, best oneself extend “ olive ” actively. If be your fault, you are about to have acknowledge a mistake courage, find out cause oneself and boss divergent crucial point, make an explanation to boss, make clear to ancient bronze mirror is with this after he is in, the hope continues to get the care of boss. If is the reason of boss, be in relatively comfortable when, with means of sweat and agreeable, communicate oneself idea and the other side, you are OK also oneself temporarily actuation or it is means still is owed considerate wait for a reason, not affect the whole request boss requirement is munificent, can achieve the goal that communicates each other already so, can offer a creditable step to fall for its again, be beneficial to restore the good relationship between you and boss.

The 3rd use a few relaxed circumstances to show the respect to him.

Even if the authority that enlightened boss also pays attention to him very much, hope to get the respect of subordinate, after conflicting with boss when you so, had better let unpleasantness become the past, you might as well in a few relaxed circumstances, for instance activity of friendship of dine together, couplet, ask good to boss, respect go with wine, show your respect to the other side, boss can be written down oneself in the heart, eliminate or be desalt the animosity to you, also reveal your accomplishment and demeanour to people at the same time.
Ego feeling character

The shadow in the heart is difficult drive away

Current, I besides apply for a job, still correct oneself to have a meal in the exercise everyday the defect of Da mouth, at first I special attention, but eat every time last 10 minutes, my defect made again. I am very so pained. Because had working experience of 5 years, and at hand has not little client resource, because this is current the job of my interview is medium, it is middle-level government post likely, but this post hard to avoid wants to often accompany a client to have a meal, accordingly I worry about myself really this old defect, fear “ the development that Da mouth ” affects him profession career again.
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