A such colleagues let me not have language
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Setting one

January, hearsay is transmitted, the unit will publish the punishment about downloading a manuscript from the net to set. When perhaps attending a meeting, or when prattle, I am reminding a reporter to note this respect later. After the Spring Festival, file make known to lower levels, what have interests with the reporter is the net picks a regulation, I at that time is to think of I already had said for many times, 2 it is occupied at that time in the body, put down turn and busy, the result forgets communicate.

Setting 2

March, editorial office transmits message, much place of a manuscript draws lessons from reporter of my branch X on the net, be removed to stalk of grain. I and this reporter are communicated under the counter, if editorial office is investigated, consider good reason. The following day, editorial office director is investigated to my branch, whether had read relevant document, include this reporter inside 3 people, answer, without. Someone else still does not know why thing, but X reporter should be bright mirror know why the family is investigated. After that, editorial office director looks for me to affirm whether had not transmitted relevant document really, I am attending a meeting at that time, be stupefied suddenly, thinking is advertisement publication regulation, take off a mouth to say, he says be new scent edition, the avert on my cerebrum horse, say after that. I know his what meaning, I also know what reporter rearward said, but what I think at that time is, such responsibility are in I, what won't the reporter have to punish. In fact, I am quite furious, the day knows, about allowing to download the word of the manuscript from the net no longer, I had said more than 3, do not pass even if did not give read a document, want to not be evildoing now (tell from angle of colleague friendly feelings) . This reporter was not punished accordingly, and the person that is confined to I and she and editorial office knows this matter. After that, big handed down from the older generations of the family read relevant document.

Setting 3

Be apart from last incident does not go out 3 days, cadre door edition is removed, 3 reporters are suspected of going up from the net estreat manuscript. I am dizzy, dizzier is, x reporter still includes in 3 people! Is she written down so that is she just warned because of this matter? Although the net of this 3 people picks composition to already was risen by clever camouflage, was to draw lessons from 56 even, but the unit is fathering to this matter tubal period, be forced is dash against. Editor room director is more angry, beginning is a person, now is 3 people, the thing has not lain between 3 days, the regulation that does not publish them clearly should return a responsibility! The thing is arrived to be in charge of company good qualities each by disclose directly, although I go the characteristic of news of trade of appeal cadre door, also use without giving thought to. Those who make me bemused is, x reporter, what does she think? Contempt administers a regulation, still do not go up to providing understanding? Still want to try oneself courage?
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