Because blain of battle of pie-eyed undergraduate to apply for a job is busy,can
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“ because the blain scar on the face, 3 interview that let me failed, ask an expert to save save me. ” recently, in many hospitals much gave such patient. And in fact, those who containing a tear to request assistance is small beautiful having one Zhang Qingxiu's face however. The reporter understands, come as height of to apply for a job, heart of many university heat build-up transform ” of “ face project, will not find working end to be “ even not quite beautiful ” .

“ blain blain sends interview failure ”

The blemish of appearance lets the road of to apply for a job of many undergraduates be full of twist, after love of face-lifting of “ undergraduate to apply for a job helped ” activity start this year in January, already had many 50 person that sign up at present. But the mobile spot yesterday, the reporter discovers amazedly, the undergraduate with a few comely countenance theres is no lack of in the person that sign up. What firm university graduates is small beautiful it is in letter signing up so write: “ begins to grow blain from elementary school, bring about left very deep blain scar to imprint now, go every time interview when, the face that I always feel interview official is staring at me is looking, look more more at odds, I 3 interview failed. ” should think of his face only, small beautiful had even dead heart. In fact, besides blain scar, small beautiful the height that having 1.65 meters, bai Xi's skin, the big eye of bright, in addition, she still has the “ aureola ” of famous brand university.

Exacting appearance person uniform by refus

When the particular case of the person that it is reported signs up in examine and verify, many experts are surprised: Countenance of the person that about 1/3 signs up comely, facial features is regular, but work because of cannot fulfilling an individual for a long time, or lose confidence to duty field, and blind a “ is not quite beautiful, cannot attract interview official to notice to sign up for ” attend aid. Result, this part is beyond the mark to him appearance the person sign up of “ slashing ” of course ground is rejected on the spot. The activity sponsors a Shanghai bank Xu Bei China tells the dean of source plastics hospital of triumphant beauty the reporter, the capability that still discovers exceptional student itself in sign up is not strong, go to ” of blame of ” of drag in of “ of without reason of failure of to apply for a job, “ blindly however him face is not quite beautiful.

The to apply for a job that brings to let need the undergraduate of the help to be able to cast off appearance problem at an early date is perplexed, self-confidence enters duty field, await to 8 when first is seleted yesterday morning anthology suffer the person that aid to undertake the expert diagnoses tegether. But, xu Bei China points out, before the undergraduate is going to a hospital doing plastic surgery, the anticipation that wants the plastic motive to oneself, plastic first the problem such as the effect has to be mixed correctly deep knowledge. Because the operation once the result that short of expects, many people produce self-identity very hard to feel, produce cognitive psychogenic disorder possibly also to oneself even. It is in the person build the United States while, should promote oneself internal integrated competition ability more. To apply for a job of success of ability of ” of “ work along both lines.
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