Jilin city Chao Lianglin frog develops a group
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Forest farm field grows frog № : 70494 Position condition Post of invite applications for a job: Farming, forest, herd, fishing Manage / senior management / plan kind - other Administration / human affairs kind what belong to an industry: Farming, forest, herd, deputy, fishery

Number of invite applications for a job:

Branch of invite applications for a job of 2:

Position type:

Common position period of efficacy: Action full till (released on June 8, 2008)

Working property:

Full-time month pay is equal: 1000—1500 yuan

Working area:

Jilin - Jilin Heilongjiang - crane hillock Position requirement Specific requirement: Forest farm field grows frog: The age 30 years old of above, have certain leadership, can bear hardships, the person that have regular rural job and experience of life is preferential; Monthly pay 1000 yuan; Literacy rate is not restricted;
Working experience asks: 5 years above record of formal schooling asks: Sexual distinction of three-year institution of higher learning asks: Do not be restricted age requirement: From 30 years old To 60 years old of census register ask: Show seat demand: Professional requirement: Foreign language requirement: Without requirement of language of another name for Guangdong Province: Without marital status requirement: Do not be restricted