National endowment appoint find out detailed rules of liability of loss of capit
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From country of the State Council endowment appoint place know, recently national endowment appoint released " responsibility of loss of central company assets finds out temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " temporary measure " ) , the purpose is to perfect central company assets to run liability system, responsibility of loss of normative company assets investigates action, fulfil state-owned asset effectively to manage responsibility.

"Previously, the capital loss duty that investigates center look forward to basically is to pass the law such as similar company method, and the regulations system of enterprise interior will decide, and now is national endowment appoint the angle with contributive person, unite this a series of problems, drafted this " temporary measure " . " on September 10, " temporary measure " the code branch that draft, country endowment appoint an official is opposite statistical evaluation bureau our newspaper reporter expresses.

Afore-mentioned personages still disclose to the reporter, at present " the executive detailed rules that capital loss responsibility finds out " in be being drafted, executive detailed rules will be right " temporary measure " stricter regulation and summary are made in the problem in moving, wait for link through seeking an opinion, executive detailed rules or will come out before long.

Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council ever put forward in the governmental working report 2006, perfect and state-owned asset superintends system, significant loss responsibility investigates perfect and state-owned asset system. This is to promote the important safeguard that realizes state-owned capital to maintain value rise in value.

Occupy national endowment appoint relevant controller expresses, national endowment appoint the work that from 2003 the organization begins Qing Dynasty of center look forward to to produce nuclear endowment, check treated the loss of of all kinds capital that forms before. "The reason that forms from capital loss looks, majority is to concern personnel to disobey national regulation or rules and regulations in enterprise, was not fulfilled or did not fulfill the loss that duty causes correctly. Was not fulfilled or did not fulfill the loss that duty causes correctly..

Accordingly, to safeguard state-owned rights and interests, national endowment appoint basis " law of right of matter of People's Republic of China " , " state-owned asset controls the company manage temporary regulations " wait for a country to concern law, administrative regulations, one this of present is made on the base that seeks an opinion with all possible means " temporary measure " .

"" temporary measure " it is to going we are in the work that investigates capital loss duty the summary of the problem that encounter, experience and wraparound, basically be right circumstance of company assets losing has according to can be being depended on, more specific and comprehensive. " national endowment appoint policy code bureau Dr. Zhu Kai expresses to say to the reporter.
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