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Beijing plans to cast 280 million resolve teacher and officeholder compensation
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Pay of teacher of compulsory education phase not the average wage standard under officeholder -- the hopeful of this one target that code of new compulsory education decides takes the lead in coming true in Beijing. Yesterday, partial Beijing National People's Congress represents the circumstance that implements compulsory education law to this city to undertake inspecting, beijing teachs appoint director Liu Limin says, beijing consideration investment uses the difference that resolves teacher and servant salary standard 280 million yuan. Additional, up to now, beijing already had 26 system to reform the school to turn formally for fair do school.

Beijing has been in at present the city is mixed on the west conciliatory undertake pilot teacher pay is reformed. Liu Limin discloses, "Fill low, firm medium, be restricted tall " the basic guiding principle that is Beijing. Look from the circumstance that tries to find out the real intention at present, beijing takes out 280 million yuan to be able to solve teacher of whole town middle and primary school not under officeholder standard. As working propulsion, beijing hopeful takes the lead in coming true in the whole nation. As we have learned, in " fill low " on the problem, teacher of Beijing a mountainous area middle and primary school adds the average per capita on 300 yuan foundation to increase 300 yuan again in nucleus of average per capita.

According to the plan, to next year, 47 system reform Beijing school general is all and normative, turn for fair run school or school of run by the local people. According to Introduction Liu Limin, up to now, beijing already had 26 to learn corrective type approval to stop managerial reform pilot, turn to fair education school, 53% what already achieved school sum. Chong Wen area teachs appoint chief discloses, at present this area article collects 3 body such as school of foreign language of middle school, front door and school of cent of 11 middle schools to change school is entire already turn for fair run school of junior high school.

As we have learned, beijing obligation teachs level to have children of 400 thousand flow to be read, among them 66% read at fair education school. Do oneself without approval at present school already decreased by 205 reach 165. Liu Limin expresses, will continue next with fair education school receive give priority to, active and reliable children of the member that had become worker of Wu coming to Beijing accepts compulsory education to work in Beijing. Accompany the State Council " good about doing the announcement that absolves urban obligation to teach level student to learn incidental expenses to work " allot, to do very ab extra Wu work staff follows change children to accept compulsory education to work in Beijing, beijing is drafting relevant document. After government of classics Beijing municipal Party committee, Beijing agrees will allot formally.

The nursery school that pays close attention to in the light of the society collects fees problem, liu Limin says, henceforth Beijing escalate fair the scale that runs nursery school. Begin from rural nursery school above all this year, every villages and towns will build county of area of Beijing outer suburbs a central nursery school that has certain dimensions and level, beijing teachs appoint lead investment sexual fund.
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