Yan an Conference Talents
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December 7, Yan'an City, meeting the human resources work. Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of Yanan Leahy stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement human resources work in the provincial conference, under the new situation fully understand the importance of human resources work, accelerate the construction of highly qualified personnel, and strive to build a prosperous and harmonious new Yan'an ecological provide strong intellectual support and personnel security. Leahy stressed that implementation should focus on "energy and chemical Strong City, the green industry people rich, red tourism Industrial" three major strategies, overall strengthening of personnel. First, will coordinate development of all types of personnel. Necessary to improve the level of governance and leadership as the core, and build a good promoting scientific development, promote social harmony high party and government personnel; necessary to improve the modern management level and market competitiveness as the core, building a high-quality entrepreneurs and management personnel; to improve the professional standards to the core, building a sophisticated business professional and technical personnel; to rural areas to improve the promotion and application of practical science and technology skills as the core, and build a practical need to adapt to rural development personnel; should improve social service and management innovation as the core, and build a good society to resolve conflicts and disputes management innovation personnel. Second, the full implementation of the measures the human resources work. Is necessary to give top priority to the ideological and political education, adhere to the education development strategy, with full and good quality education resources to enhance cooperation with the city and outside institutions, and increase efforts to train local talents, and strive to develop more useful talents in Yan'an; To adhere to the favorable policy environment to attract talent, a good business environment to attract talent, preferential treatment to attract talent, and guide all kinds of entrepreneurial talent to Yenan; to be good when the horses make good use of talents, to promote industrial development in the characteristics of various types of personnel, major construction, urban construction, ecological construction and social development in the efforts to offer, play a role. Third, continue to reform and establish an innovative mechanism. In accordance with the requirements of the socialist market economic system, and continuously improve the personnel management mechanism, the dynamic regulation of human resources, personnel evaluation system used, the flow of talent allocation mechanism, talent incentive guarantee mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all kinds of talents, initiative and creativity.