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Jilin Liuhe 2010 work program of open recruitment of school teachers
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Liuhe County, Jilin Province in 2010 for the primary and secondary teachers of social work program of open recruitment

According to our actual needs of the development of ed ucation in order to further attract talents in education and teaching, enrich and optimize the primary and secondary school teachers, the county agreed in 2010 for the open recruitment of 20 teachers in society, added to the counties as well as primary and secondary schools education and teaching jobs. Now the recruitment work as follows:

First, the recruitment of jobs and number of

Plans to recruit 20 teachers. Including: high school 8, junior 4, Primary 6, a youth activity center, kindergarten 1. Annex (Liuhe County in 2010 for the list of positions for social recruitment of teachers).

Second, the principle of recruitment

1, adhere to the "openness, equality, competition and merit" principle

2, the implementation of the principle of posts and positioning

3, to take written tests, the principle of combining lecture

Third, the scope of recruitment, qualifications and conditions

1, ideology: love of education, have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, political thought is good, law-abiding, good health, no bad behavior record.

2, the physical condition: handsome, articulate clearly in good health; no infectious disease or other diseases should not be engaged in the teaching profession.

3, reporting high (vocational) teachers. Normal should be full-time undergraduate degree, with the appropriate Teacher Certification. Vocational high school English, the computer can be raised to full-time counterparts to obtain specialist qualifications and undergraduate diploma, obtain the corresponding Teacher Certification; automotive repair professional to full-time college teachers can be relaxed (including college) degree and professional counterparts, teachers qualified to hold processing.

4, to declare junior high school (including youth activities center) teachers. Teachers should have a full-time undergraduate degree, with a corresponding Teacher Certification.

5, reporting primary (counties as well as kindergarten) teachers. Should have the Normal College and higher education, obtain the appropriate qualifications for teachers. Non-normal degree or above, should have the primary (early childhood) teachers, Teacher Certification and more.

6, Age: college graduates 35 years of age required (January 1, 1975 after the birth); once in Liuhe County Public School substitute substitute teacher for over 10 years, age can be relaxed to 45 years of age (1965 January 1 after the date of birth)

Fourth, the recruitment methods

Recruitment of teachers through two written tests and lecture sessions.

1, written examination. Include: education laws and regulations and knowledge of professional ethics of teachers, teaching skills, subject knowledge, pedagogy, psychology, new curriculum and other related knowledge. Be a closed book written examinations, after passing the examination results, the proportion of 1:3 determined by the recruitment plan to participate in lecture candidates.

2 lecture. Adoption of temporary hiring for observation and evaluation of education professionals. Candidates in the professional lecture drew lots to determine the specified contents of textbooks, preparation 30 minutes, lecture 8 minutes.

3, admitted. Percentile points of the system in accordance with written test 50%, 50% prorated lecture, two of and for the total score, according to recruiting schools from high to low post Scheme merit. Not less than 60 points out of admission.

Fifth, application time, place and related matters

1, the county Unified Registration Time: October 18, 2010 -21 days

2, Registration Location: Liuhe County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau on the first floor (the human resources market)

3, the candidates should bring the documents: Eligible candidates should bring the recent 2-inch negatives hat with 4 photos, ID cards, graduation cards, original and copy of the Teacher 1.

4, once the Liuhe County public elementary and secondary supply teachers substitute more than 10 years must carry proof of towns and schools, the principal leaders of the signing with official seals.

5, the position to determine: the proportion of the number of posts and candidates must be approved by the ratio of 1:3 recruitment plan.

6, the organization written. After qualification, the conditions of entry personnel meet the written examination. Written time and place, see the ticket.

7, the organization lecture. Closed form of lectures to prepare lessons, lectures. Lecture time, place, see the ticket.

8, registration and examination fees: fees in accordance with the approved standards Liuhe County Price Bureau. Entry fee charged for each candidate, Kao Wufei 240.

Sixth, examination discipline

1, the notification time: during the entire recruiting, recruitment of leading group in the county issued a notice of examination within the time limit, no time will be present as a waiver.

2, in order to maintain the fairness of recruitment, where there is fraud in the recruitment process behavior, must be abolished and recruitment of qualified candidates.

VII, physical examination, assessment, employment

1, written tests, lecture over, above the staff in the passing, the basis of results in order to apply for positions at a 1:1 ratio from high to low to be examined, assessment objects. Candidates apply for the same positions as examination results are not passed, then cancel the job recruitment.

2 medical standards refer to "civil service recruitment examination standard" implementation, check specified by the recruitment of a leading group of medical institutions above the county level responsible for their own expenses.

3, after passing the examination and evaluation to determine the Nipin candidates, publicity 7 days, without objection, the formal employment (probation period of one year.)

Tel: Liuhe County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau 7,252,306

Liuhe County Board of Education 7213379

Liuhe County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Liuhe County Department of Education