The shortcut that employee of a gleam of shows itself
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The world has Bai Le, have a horse that covers a thousand li a day next, a horse that covers a thousand li a day often has and Bai Le is seldom have. A when “ Tang Chaohan heals " the horse says " the aspirations that spoke employee of numerous a gleam of, let hero of how many market touch front of a garment in all! Actually, want to show itself from a gleam of or have the law but target-seeking. Induce after the successful experience that sums up numerous sale manager below 6 shortcut that go out, succeed for longing to succeed at an early date and be had at present endogenous person of the same trades of a gleam of are drawn lessons from.

One of shortcut: Go to the market that gives outstanding achievement easily

Successful mechanism: Choose a market that gives outstanding achievement easily to be able to let you become a dazzling star in the company in very short time. The market that gives outstanding achievement easily can generalize commonly for: It is the new market that has not develop, include a company to still do not have development with the market that does not plan development; 2 it is to have development latent capacity apparently, already somebody is developed but failed market. These two kinds of markets have particular risk, but the risk is bigger, redound is bigger also. The company gives proper early days policy support commonly to the development of this kind of market, so once policy gives aid to, 3 element combine opportunity of individual ability, market reach the designated position, so you are apart from the time of stand out not to grow.

Successful case: Na Mou is saved in, the market is famed with its unique consumption structure and complex administrative environment. Some enrichs the blood kind of member that health care tastes an enterprise to once was sent two years continuously undertake development, all do not have result and return. The graduate student that just reached a company later requests a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively, after striving for relevant headquarters policy to support, single-handed development should be saved, reinstate place employee, change forefathers to hit the train of thought of small town in redo of provincial capital city first, escape the leader brand at that time is in of the main city such as provincial capital a variety of banning, bold attempt goes up in sale shift and strategy in the meantime. Final with one action starts the market, along Beijing wide line reduces a provincial capital, a year achieved market outstanding achievement countrywide second level. Second year, this graduate student is appointed to be manager of southwest large division by district director directly, year of sale is become to even more after 2 years president of 1 billion yuan group company marketing, and he just comes forward 30 years old at that time.

Of shortcut: Let market friend make conduct propaganda for oneself

Successful mechanism: The job behaves outstanding market to go up in sale not only, and return body to be opposite now client, agency, terminal, government sector even the competitor is meticulous in the service of in a subtle way and harmonious process. The good public praise that staff of sale of a gleam of acts to be built in these market friends through his, in the ear that can pass company high level one day sooner or later. Through the word that come is being spoken in these person mouths, company leader takes seriously quite commonly. alleged “ one's pupils or disciples not character, fall to become footpath ” oneself.
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