Do good individual profession to plan again to apply for a job
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Miss Yang, the HR personnel of companies of 500 pharmacy of strong foreign capital. Review the choose already all previous of Miss Yang, you will be open-eyed at her all the way smooth. Actually, “ kongfu is outside the poem ” , miss Yang did not take what roundabout way really on obtain employment, but before obtain employment, spent many time and energy to undertake individual profession plans actively however, this is her successful reason probably.

After from major of some university administration undergraduate course graduated 2002, Miss Yang rises continuously with professional graduate student. After a year, she of consciousness of the look up before having quite begins to consider her obtain employment issue. “ at the outset when undergraduate course graduates, to ‘ profession program ' can say to be without a concept, because prepare to continue to take advanced courses, obtain employment pressure is not great, I just go to school school obtain employment coachs central website has done a profession to evaluate, preliminary the nature that understands oneself, profession direction that suits to be engaged in. But when face obtain employment problem really, these affirmation are far insufficient, I need more system, more comprehensive reflection and guidance. Miss ” Miss Yang says.

In professional program respect, miss Yang took 3 step: Above all, she communicates actively with her adviser, classmate, ask them to analyse them to have what actor drawback, suit to pursue what kind of job.

Next, take a society seriously adequately to carry out an activity. From grind 2 begin, miss Yang enters government organization and business field trip early or late. The advantage clearly ——— of the exercitation helped Miss Yang sieve single out directly roughly obtain employment direction. “ is original, as professional as administration most the profession of speak or sing alternately should be officeholder, can jackaroo in human affairs bureau after 3 months, I feel I do not suit a government to work really. ” is caught, she enters half an year of exercitation of company of an United States endowment, through this paragraph happy exercitation is experienced, she is sturdy a belief: Go to an enterprise working.

Again, seek outside force support, namely professional vocational guidance. Grind 3 when, miss Yang joined club of career of a profession, here, bring into contact with of her first time professional program theory of the system and concept. “ although the school also has center of obtain employment guidance, but here is completely different, instructor is the HR of big company, contact with the market more close together. Just beginning is tuitional how interview, how to keep the fundamental content such as resume, slowly, the senior public figure that has the many fields such as the market, sale will give lessons, we understand the function of each the framework of the enterprise, domains gradually, oneself also can check the number is entered, see oneself suit to enter which field more. Miss ” Miss Yang tells a reporter, those who join a club is the student that has not graduated, come from different school, everybody is having the idea of similar age, close, can share a lot of valuable experience together, can help another person already, also helped oneself.
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