Whether had you also made 101 in the office involuntary mistakes
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Dear OL, when you want to start a career decisively, whether does side side always have fine fine sound is reminding you: The girl, should be good at using your female capacity on on-the-job field! Do not turn rebarbative man into the mother-in-law; When the opportunity rising job that wants to strive for oneself bravely when you, whether this fine fine voice can say again: Careful, you do not want too too strong, can let boss and colleague feel menace and pressure otherwise; When the different think of a way when your him roar, this fine fine voice still can say: You must not desertion natural glamour of the woman, you should smile, want kind, the colleague lets you help, you cannot refuse at will!

As this fine fine audio rings constantly, you more and more Chi to hesitate not before, the left and right sides hesitates. Woman, want the career can lose feminine glamour successfully, but the career that if does not have him, can be censured to be insufficient independence, dependence by the man again too strong. Zun Ye is not, right embarrassed also, how should be good after all?


101 mistakes in eye of division of American vocational training


Press of Chinese company division rolls out a new book recently " beautiful girl do not stand 101 when corner —— cannot make absolutely in the office unintentional errors " one book, the author of this book is American “ enterprise grooms silk of Loewe of expert of psychology of field of duty of the president of international ” , female - Frank P- Dr. Er, she offerred a woman 101 makes easily mistakes on on-the-job field, and allege, as a result of the woman the little girl from girlhood nurturance the bearing of type, the profession that damaged them develops. Have a look, these 101 are wrong, can you also make?


1. thinks duty field is not competition ground

2. Sincerely abide by is regular, do not want out of bounds

3. Work hard

4. Assume the job of others

5. Work only, nonstop

6. Too innocent

7. For company careful calculation and strict budgeting

8. Wait for windfalls

9. ” of politics of evasive “ office

10. The person that do justice

11. protects fool

12. Tongueless not language

13. Do not invest on human relation

14. Did not understand the client's need

15. The opinion is sought in turn before making a decision

16. Congenial

17. Need not congenial

18. For hide one's inadequacy by keeping quiet dare not quiz

19. Pretend to resemble a man

20. According to real report, none delusive

21. Publish overmuch individual information

22. Excessive concern opens a crime at the person

23. Deny monetary significance

24. Coquet
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