The person is on-the-job 4 when field and colleague get along basic principles
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Want you only on on-the-job field, little not with person contact with. What principle do that and person contact with have?

The first, not want to become a friend with all colleagues

Business management of Beijing number silver-colored person of outstanding ability seeks advice from introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman of limited company general manager to say, duty field person wants to be clear about above all, the goal that reachs a company is not to make friend, however good to do the work. So, to the human relation in the job, should rational look upon. “ things of one kind come together, person with group cent ” , to the person of different type, not big because of cannot becoming a friend nerve-racking, the job that should keep normal only concerns can, otherwise or changes opposite party, or him twist. Also want to understand at the same time: Not be everybody can become a friend, you become everybody's friend impossibly also.

The 2nd, interest communication core is to maintain double win

Famous psychologist Han Sanji says, colleague relation basically is given priority to with the interest, when two people produce conflict, it is cloggy certainly each other interest. The crucial point that the interest communicates is: Maintain double win. If any one party lose heavy golden eggs in conflict, so the following conflict is more serious. Achieve in mutual compromise only double win, ability harmony gets along. Because,do not want the friendship with boss, feel everywhere him a cut above others, such besides make target of public criticism, get outside jealousy and distained look, may be more bright in dark in be located in place oppose; Also do not want the relationship because of the friend, take care of everywhere to a certain subordinate.

The 3rd, too apprehension friend influence is decision-making

Beijing a bamboo stick used as a toy horse manages gentleman of advisory company general manager horse to say, feeling of overmuch apprehension friend can affect your decision, because stem from,make liable decision, what can cause other employee is dissatisfactory, what can increase oneself to work is difficult, make oneself authority sells at a discount greatly even. Additional, if your friend in the company is the opposite sex, in the job the circumstance should avoid overmuch contact as far as possible, even if be the look of the smile of understanding and communication. May be passed to be office amour otherwise, a lot of boss most abstain from subordinate such. If this kind of amour fictitiouses completely,nothing, because the rumor affected the development that oneself and friend are in a company, do not treat unjustly?

The 4th, ten million not grudges your support

But president of lucky profession adviser impetuouses the gentleman thinks, if “ comrade-in-arms ” is your boss: One, do not want shirk responsibility. the problem that encounters in the job, seasonable report comes out, but the liability that does not produce pusher him strip in the thing definitely. 2, institutional conversion thinks. Stand in the angle of boss, boss more, if you are him,think, you hope how the employee of at hand is done. Such you can be carried out well. If “ comrade-in-arms ” is the work in the same placing that be the same as class: One, mutual support. Difficult problem is encountered in you conceivable what kind of support, you support others with respect to how. 2, maintain a distance. Do not regard the colleague as friend, state-private do not divide. 3, spread rumor anything but. Gossip satisfied people to peep the psychology of illicit, the point that reachs is born surely dirty.
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