In the character that shows fully and cultural office " eye " the big fear in la
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Place of Er of dagger of peaceful of poet of no less than says: The language of “ eye, be endless on expression. General like the sea dark, azure is general and clear, matutinal dusk, light and shadow, play freely here. ”

Friendly association, apply could there be and, kind look language, both neither look sparkles appear passion is excessive and approximately feigned, not the look is dull, appearing is to stem from a dinner party to be perfunctory. And should accomplish the eyes kiss and, essentials is loosened on spirit thoroughly namely with nature.

If the eyes is sent empty or east glance sideways look on the west, can let the other side produce a kind of not dependable feeling, the word still does not have exit, had “ to see ” way to you with respect to ground of first impressions are strongest.

In OFFICE eye language big fear:

“ is stared at inspect ”

Stare at inspect, often delivering language of a kind of clodhopping. If dead deathtrap is stared at,inspect a person, stare at the eye that looks him especially, without giving thought to intended innocently, showing a kind of incivility, the other side can feel uncomfortable, resembling is the what decision that you are making him. Because, people is in when staring the other side, him heart can have psychological activity for certain, and the other side also can have stronger psychological reaction. Stare at inspect, in certain and specific situation, use as the action art of psywar, in normal socialization the circumstance is rushed use, cause misunderstanding easily, let the other side have the feeling that is provoked even by affront.

“ narrow one's eyes inspects ”

“ narrow one's eyes inspects what ” mirrors instead is not too friendly language, it besides having look at sb disdainfully and the feeling that turn up one's nose at to the person, also be the voice of a kind of indifferently at least. Additional, in the west, have an eye to opposite sex narrow one's eyes, blink eyelid twice, it is a kind of flirting movement. “ narrow one's eyes inspects ” , to pretty woman, often delivering color of a kind of “ to confuse the language that confuses ” , let their feeling get a kind of aeriform ado.
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