Internet talent jumps groove can go up firewood 6 %
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“ Jin Sanyin 4 ” are to point to annual in March, April is talent market is active period, also be “ of Internet industry personnel finds new job the fastigium of ” . Propose a toast according to the firewood of research center of talent of website of some invite applications for a job investigation shows, at present of Internet industry go up on average firewood extent is in 6 % above. The technology supports kind talent yearly salary is in 57000 to 120 thousand yuan between; The chief yearly salary of area orgnaization reachs 170 thousand yuan in 80000 yuan between.

In the industry hot case falls, the manpower capital of the website also entered inflation period, each websites are dug person ” and “ in “ ” . Still partial website personnel chooses him to do poineering work, not only oneself went, still can pull collaboration of a few colleagues, these become the matter with frequent recently flow of each big website personnel.


Among them, search talent became ” of “ sweet pastry. And to Internet as software company online direction is transferred, software and Internet the talent of “ compatible ” is popular with each passing day also.


In addition, the occurrence of rich guest makes news picks the key boy or girl friend that writes personnel to become website recruit. The talent is in short supply cause “ price ” of the talent also rises somewhat this year. After an experienced employee finds new job, wages can rise commonly 60 % of 50 % .