Monthly pay of staff of company of public relations of top class international a
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A few days ago, alliance of supervisor of graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences, project is released " findings report of pay of manager of project of 2006 year China " , the result makes clear 103535 yuan to average yearly salary achieves primary project manager, in yearly salary of advanced project manager not under 300 thousand yuan, the individual industry such as project of IT, construction, international is returned outclass this number.

Graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences expresses about chief, project manager is the crucial position that the enterprise is badly in need of, at present breach of manager of our country project is in 5 million person, but what the enterprise needs most is to have practice experience, master international regulation and the professional project manager that trains through the system. At present our country shared more than 90 college to open project management Master, every year 30 thousand person enters oneself for an examination, but cannot satisfy rising talent market to need apparently.