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During the Spring Festival, what the author is dividing company worker with Shaanxi ministry is mutual when paying a New Year call, notice, workers are right rat year have a lot of expect. Basically have 5 great cherished desires most among them:

It is to hope prices rises a few slower. Prices rises to already made the common appearance in nowadays life, egg of birds of pulp of fuel gas, dish, the article that always concerns with common people life is in almost rise in price. The mother of a fellow worker ever had calculated brushstroke Zhang: With compared Autumn 2006, wanted every months at least Autumn 2007 floriferous 210 yuan of money. A popular dialect Kan says: “ you can not run to cross Liu Xiang, but must have run) of CPI(consumption price index. ” and in the market this aeriform hand operation falls, common be versed in firewood a group of things with common features is is not to run to cross CPI anyhow. Workers hope to be below effective adjusting control of the government, CPI can run a few slower, good let us have when panting.

2 it is to hope to add endowment it is the flower in lens no longer. Growth of many company worker income are slow, this is not is individual phenomenon. An investigation report of labor and social security ministry also makes clear, opposite at in recent years the growth rate of national economy, total pay standard increases company worker slant slow. The voice that raises wage about be company worker in recent years is ceaseless, did not cash generally however. Workers expect to be able to reflect concept of fairness of distributive of enterprise interior income, let pay of worker of a gleam of go up rise.

3 it is price of drug of hope house price not empty is tall. On the high side of price of house price drug, some places are tall still unusual, this is labour of difficult character of mind of firewood a group of things with common features painful. Knowing perfectly well these is empty fire high price is in falsely, do unidentified Bai Wei again however what is taller and taller? Still must scrape together goes “ is followed row with respect to city ” . Workers hope the government can lose a responsibility ground to take out good step to these market bubble, cogent pin among them empty fire, return common people honest.

4 it is to want to earn bit of money in the stock market. Company workers are spare “ fries a ” to already held quite high proportion. Although somebody claims already from which savor benefit, can come loose actually door people already was covered by “ perch mostly firm ” . Show according to concerning a material, there is the shareholder that is as high as 51.35% to fail to gain profit in city of big 2007 ox, ” of enterprise “ shareholder people be forced to place the hope in rat in year.

5 it is to longing to take salary off dream can be round. " the worker takes salary year off byelaw " apply, it is a good news really to company worker. And should fulfil take salary off system, need laborer and unit of choose and employ persons to take seriously not only take the idea with off firewood, need code to undertake restraining to unit of choose and employ persons more. Face the reality with intense competition of labour market supply exceeds demand, obtain employment, many worker hearts put doubt, can the enterprise arrange our belt is firewood off? But numerous worker still is expecting: “ belt firewood is off ” , this dream longs for a circle this year.
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